Friday, April 27, 2012

On taking twins to the grocery store, park, or Costco

On our way to the grocery store. Even if they looked like girls (which I think, they DON'T) they're dressed in blue and green! HELLO! These are boys. Also, I took this picture because they were so exhausted and pathetic. 

We get lots of strange questions when I'm out with the twins, especially if I'm without Travis.

This week I had one of the weirdest conversations yet, with my cashier at the grocery store.
It went like this:

Checkout Lady: Twins? Are they identical?
Me: Yep.
Checkout Lady: Both girls, huh? So cute.
Me: Boys, actually.
Checkout Lady: Whaaat? (pretends to look over the counter, like she didn't get a good enough look at them.) Oh, yeah. Little boys. Were they early?
Me: Just five weeks.
Checkout Lady: WOW! YEAH! That's awesome! How big were they?!! (She became CRAZY excited suddenly)
Me: 5 lbs and 5 and a half.
Checkout Lady: My preemie daughter was 6 lbs, 6 weeks early!
Me: Wow.
Checkout Lady: I know, right?! Such a good sized preemie. They're considered preemies if they don't have wrinkles on their feet.
Me: Really? (I'm starting to think, PLEASE hurry. And you're a preemie if you're born PREMATURELY.)
Checkout Lady: So did you get very big?
Me: Yep.
Checkout Lady: I bet! Did you know you were having twins?
Me: Yeah, I knew before they were born that they were going to be twins.
Checkout Lady: Of course, because of the ultrasound. So you planned the twins?
Me: Wait, what? No, we didn't plan the twins.  (Is she asking if I knew I was pregnant with twins, before I was pregnant with twins?) You can't really plan twins.
Checkout Lady: Oh yeah, you can.

Okay. Thanks.
Also, someone else recently told me that my kids must be half-identical.
"They aren't completely identical," she said, "They must be half-identical. Did your doctor explain that to you?"

Trust me, lady. They are not half-identical.
But thanks for your input.

Oh, and speaking of twins... I have twins and they are CUUUTE. Watch this proof:

Lately, I have been thinking that maybe they're not identical after all.
But Travis still holds that they are.
Maybe we'll never know.
An old man at Costco told me that the only sure way to know if twins are identical is to have a skin graft from one twin to another. If it works, they're identical.
Duh. Why didn't I know that? Oh, right. Because that's not true. We have genetic testing.
Haha, strangers who are crazy are the best.... or something.
Twin moms, I'd love to hear the craziest advice, comments, and "facts" shared with you by strangers.

Have a happy weekend!


Molly B said...

Oh my gosh- that lady is CRAZY- is she also an OB? People....well I am a twin momma to 15 month old boys and basically get the same thing each time. Are they natural? I have no idea what this question means? They are babies, yes they are natural humanbeings! They are meaning IVF or something then I say no, I took clomid as I wasn't ovulating. Their response, well you knew that you would have twins then? My response- nope, no one knows how many eggs they will drop" Same thing with many people, did you know that you were having twins? What kind of question is this, OF COURSE PEOPLE. I had ultrasounds weekly after 28 weeks. It never ends.

Kelli @ I'm Flying South said...

Oh I love this. I can sooooo relate!

Yesterday was my first time taking all 3 of my boys (2.5 yrs and 8 month old twins) to Target by myself. I got 10 comments in the 45 mins I spent in the store (probably because I had one twin in the Boba carrier, one in the cart, big brother walking around, and a heaping cart of groceries).

Eight people asked if they were identical (they're not) and two people thought my Kiernan was a girl (despite the blue "Mommy's Little Man" shirt he was wearing). Funny thing is, one of those people first said, "They're identical, right?" then asked if he was a girl. Oh the fun twin conversations! :)

jo said...

HA! Awesome! Yes.
One of the most awkward conversations of my life...
I work in business development at my company. Periodically, we do free consulting with small firms on how they can grow their business. I took one of these meetings with Fairbourne associates and Jason and crew showed up (i'm name dropping because you'll understand this better Becky). At the end of the meeting my co-worker mentioned that I just had twins. There was a girl that was there taking notes and she pipes up and says

girl: "So how did you get twins?"

me: "Um...sorry?"

girl: "How did you get twins?"

me: (now red in the face because I have no idea how to answer this question professionally and the only answer that is coming to my head is a smart-ass inappropriate response about sex) ..."Um, well...I don't think I understand the question"

girl: "Like did you eat something spicy or take special pills or something?"

keep in mind she is 100% serious

me: (looking a bit dumbfounded) "Uh, no...We just had sex."

(laughs from Jason and rest of crew)


(wink wink)

Yeah. It was a weird way to end a business meeting.

I'm pretty sure she still thinks having sex twice in one night is what you "do" to have twins.

I've had many other strange events as well but that one is one of my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man...the things people say!!! So you've never had testing done to find out if they're identical? My friend has identical girls and she did it when they were quite young.

Christy said...

People can be so awkward. I have twin girls and people always think they're boys-dressed in all pink or not. I got my twins through IVF-so I would actually appreciate the "how'd you get them" question. Instead people always ask me how surprised I was when I found out and my only answer is "not very". I've had people tell me I cheated to get them. One day I'll get the nerve to tell them countless shots and thousands of dollars doesn't count as cheating:)

Betsy Hite Reddoch said...

When I'm out with my 15 month old twin boys WITHOUT FAIL I always get "One boy and one girl?" No, both boys. I always wonder which one is supposedly the girl?

One time when they were like 2 months old a lady told me that I was really going to have my hands full soon... because she thought I was pregnant with a 3rd baby. How would that even be possible?

Brittany said...

Once time at Costco, we got the "twins?" question. My husband snarkily responded that they were not twins, but they were both his from two different baby mamas.

I was mortified, but it was so, SO funny.

Amy said...

I don't have twins, but for some reason because I have 2 kids, I've had numerous people assume I know everything about twins. I still can't figure that one out. Especially because our son is adopted from China. Where would one get twins from a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl & a little Chinese boy?? :)

Strong Clan said...

Becky I read your post out-loud to Will, and we were both laughing so hard.

I don't have a twin story, but because Max is blonde, and has blue eyes, and is a fatty...I get asked if he is adopted?
Now - I know I have brown hair, dark brown eyes, but really who asks that?
Max has my nose! I swear!

Mo said...

Today at a candy store one of the ladies at the check out counter is talking to my boys and ask "Do we have twins here?" to which I smile and nod trying not to make eye contact. She then goes on to say to me that I "must have gotten some major stretch marks, huh?" I don't know how to respond to this, yes I have stretch marks, no I am not going to show them to you, and yes they are a great reminder of how huge I got while I was pregnant. I think that I got off pretty good for having two babies, only gaining 35 pounds and for only being 5'3" tall. Anyway, I was flabbergasted that she thought it was any of her business what my belly looks like. She kept pressing it and how "they must be huge". I almost wanted to say well it looks like you're a little big around the middle, how about your stretch marks, but I am not typically that rude.

Anna said...

I love these posts. Two babies draw out so many more hilariously crazy people than one! Gotta say, I'm a little jealous.

Unknown said...

I always go out with my three boys - my oldest is 22 months older than my twins. I have never, ever been out with all three of them without someone saying "you've got your hands full!" with a smile so big like they're the first person to ever say that to me. And it usually happens every three minutes or so. I just smile and say "a little bit". Just a week or so I actually had the nicest conversations about my twins when I went out - so very unusual to have *nice* conversations and no crazy people bothering me! But anyway, first, an older lady came up to the babies and asked about them. Then she told me she was an identical twin but her sister had passed away a few years before. She told me she missed her sister so much and got a little teary. Then at the check out the young-ish girl asked how much older my oldest son was, and she told me she was 21 months older than her twin sisters. I asked he if she ever felt left out, not being one of the twins (something I worry about for my older son) and she told me she never did; that the three of them were best friends.
Sometimes the nice people can really make up for all the crazies :)

Unknown said...

oh! and also! you should do the genetics testing. a lot of the moms in my twins group have done it and its so fun to know for sure if they're identical or not. My boys only had one placenta and Twin to Twin Transfusion, so we know for sure they're identical, but if I didn't I was definitely going to test. But my vote is definitely idetical for your boys!