Monday, April 2, 2012

Riders, whiners, walk-takers

My boys are obsessed with riding on wagons, scooters, trikes, and any sort of wheeled device.
Grey probably spends over an hour a day, climbing into his toy wagon, waiting patiently for me to push him around, yelling when I don't push him, crying when his brother tries to touch him, and then climbing out again. And then doing it all over.
The other morning the boys were having little tantrums (seriously, WHY? Always?) so I figured that if we went outside to play they would cheer up. 
But Grey immediately grabbed nearest the truck-shaped toy (our neighbors') and climbed on.  He sat there yelling until I came up with a brilliant idea. 
What if MICAH were to push him up and down the sidewalk for a change...
Well, here's what Grey thinks about that:

Oh and here (below) is Grey trying to push Micah's hand off the cart. 
When I intervened (kind of... I mean, I was still taking pictures...) Micah also freaked out. Seems like he loved pushing his brother. Or pushing his buttons. 

So I took Grey off the wagon/cart/car/thing and pushed it over, so they couldn't play on it.
And they took off.

Seriously, they started practically running.
And for a while they were going in the same direction.
But when I tried to turn them around and go home... they went opposite directions and started SCREAMING.  
So I picked them both up and sprinted home with them. 

Luckily, Travis saved them from their mean mom. And they sat on his lap being pathetic until it was time for him to leave for work.
And then, of course, the tantrums began again. 

Oh, and for those of you who believed my April Fool's Day prank on Facebook... no. I'm not really pregnant. 
Come on.  

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Unknown said...

Oh I miss you guys! Summer is going to be so fun with them!

Katie B said...

Well, if they're like my boys, the tantrums don't go away. As much fun as they can have together, they so easily get on each other's nerves. I'm hoping once their verbal communication skills enhance, it'll all be much smoother. But until then, I revel in the happy times and grit my teeth at the emotional explosions.