Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Pool Party

I am obsessed with these little shirtless babies. I want them to always be bare chested.
I have a couple soapboxes that I like to sometimes climb on to, though I try not to launch too much into any of them on the blog. But one of my soapbox-speeches is called: The Sun is not Evil. Why do you all think that the Sun is Evil?
The short version of The Sun is not Evil. Why do you all think the sun is evil? goes like this: Stop making your children wear rash guards. I never wore a rash guard until I learned to surf. Stop reapplying SPF 50 to your child, every hour on the hour. Doctors, stop suggesting that I give my children Vitamin D supplements. I WILL NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. I WILL TAKE THEM OUTSIDE, INSTEAD.
Being in the sun DECREASES your chance of every single illness and cancer, except that ONE. It is not worth it to stay indoors all summer. It is not worth it to never be tan.
Don't live in a tanning bed. Try not to get burned. Don't be an idiot.
But the Sun is not evil. Why do you all think the Sun is evil?

Micah liked to drink the water

Just to be clear, my children DO own rash guards and they wear them on especially sunny days, because I'm not sure yet how tolerant they are of the sun.  They are the fairest of them all, so we're easing into the sun.
But we love the sun.
They do not always wear rash guards. Usually they are naked.

They are cute.  Winter is fun, in all their little sweaters and bundled up like marshmallows, but I prefer these babies mostly naked.

(And, since now I know you are curious, and since I was thinking about all my soapbox-speeches, here are some of their other titles, they are mostly about parenting:
*If you wouldn't give your baby cigarettes, don't give them fast food. One time can't hurt, but it's pretty darn addicting, and if you have some every day, it will kill you.
*Teach your child to use a knife and for goodness sake, don't give them an allowance unless they've earned it.
*Make your family real food for dinner. Or else they will die. And they will be sad.
*Nick and the Disney Channel are evil.
*Toy companies: Stop making toys that light up and make noise.
*READ TO YOUR CHILDREN! Or else, you should probably have them taken away. )

But then, um. Remember my other soap-box? About not judging?
Sometimes I'm not super good about taking my own advice.
But I do what I can. Nobody's perfect.

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Unknown said...

Oh my lanta I laughed so hard at this. I agree with you 100%. Hysterical.

Molly S said...

Girl!!! I agree with ALL your soapboxes!! Saul has NEVER worn sunscreen - ever. NEVER eaten fast food - ever. Never EVER EVER watched anything on Nick or Disney channel. We cook dinner every night except Fridays - out to eat :) And Saul has ONE book that makes noise - a potty-training book he was gifted. He just got his first "knife" which was from Bass Pro Shops and is wooden and can't hurt him and omg, he looks presh pretending to use it and clean his fingernails. We own NOTHING that lights up/makes noise/ needs batteries. And you know what, he can entertain himself way better than most kids I know. Not judging, just an observation :)

I wish I lived out there!! No one I know agrees with my soapboxes!!

Molly S said...

Reading that back, Saul has a ton of books. The point in the one book that makes noise is that it's the only noise-making item in our home. Not the only book. Duh.

Becky said...

Wow, I disagreed with almost all of your parenting opinions, but your kids are happy and healthy, so some things really don't matter.

Your kids are so cute and it is obvious that you love them so much and do right by them.

Every parent is different, and all parent's have their own opinions. But, I figure that as long as other parent's aren't trying to tell me how to parent, and they aren't endangering their kids, then they are doing a good job.

You are a good mommy.

Polly said...

I love little shirtless boys, so cute! I love Micah in the pool with the grin on his face. Someday your soap boxes will change as your kids get bigger. In the meantime thanks for offending me.

Olive said...

You are seriously the best mom. I don't have kids yet- but when I do, I am going to be WAY up high on these same soapboxes. Kids don't have the ability to make the choices that their parents do- we have to give them a fighting chance at a great future!

Unknown said...

My boys are always outside they love it and I love the sun as well being so fair it's hard to go out in it for long periods or I will get blisters but hey that's why shade is GREAT!

Laura said...

we love sunshine! And nudity in the sunshine (my daughter not me!)

Unknown said...

So fun!! We had some pool time this weekend too and babies in pools is just the cutest thing EVER. I can't get enough!

Strong Clan said...

Soap Boxes are really fun!
Teacher soap boxes and Mommy soap boxes are the BEST to stand on.
I got Max a rash guard, for the pure fact that I think they are so darn cute! Max goes in the sun, and is getting a tan, he has my sick tones, thank goodness!
Reading is sooo important. Reading for fun is also important, your children should also see you reading. (That is part teach part Mommy soapbox)
Sesame Street ROCKS! Old School Disney Rocks! Teen shows on Nick and Disney are evil. 10 year olds should not know the things they know, they should be playing dress up.
The End.
Becky you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! I rarely comment on blogs, because I honestly suck with comments and words and all that nonsense, but I wanted to comment on this post.

First - Your boys are ADORABLE. I love, love, love little blond hair blue eyed baby boys. Nothing is better. Nothing.

Second - Yes to the sun not being evil! Or bad! We live in Hawaii and the sun is really strong, yet I only put sunscreen on my daughter (2 years old) (who thankfully, has my good skin tone and not her dads pale-ness that doesn't tan) when we go to the beach, or go swimming. And it's usually only once - Before or right when we get there. Unless it's for like 2+ hours, then I'll reapply. . . My kid has only gotten one sunburn - And that was because I didn't realize we would be out so long nor did I realize how strong the sun is out here (it was when we first moved out here). All that said - Both her and I already have a nice little summer tan (I've burnt, on accident, and paid for it. She hasn't burnt, it's just how her skin is even with sunscreen applied once). And can I just say that I think it is super adorable to see her little tan lines. Not that I'd condone people not using sunscreen at all, or sticking a kid in a tanning booth. Like I said - I put sunscreen on her, but she STILL tans. I think for a good month after she got her tan, I giggled every time I saw her running away from me because her little butt was white as could be, with a very defined tan line and some brown berry legs!

I was also the same way as a kid - Always a little brown berry with defined tan lines during the summer. Because I was in the sun a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And I am glad my parents let me go out and be a kid, enjoy the sunshine during the summer months, ect..