Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Hair

We have packed the car, and are leaving for San Diego very soon, but first, here's a blog post:

When our babies were babies, Travis used to joke about how soft their hair was.
He would say, "These fine J. Crew sweaters are knit from only the softest, blond baby hair."
And we would all chuckle and be a little grossed out, but also imagine just how soft that sweater would be.
It might be gross. But I also might wear it.
Especially if it smells like babies.

I know it's kind of the style, now, to let your baby boys have long hair. Girlie hair.
And my husband's grandmother constantly says, "You better cut their hair before they look like girls."
I don't want their hair to their shoulders or anything.
But seriously! I CAN'T CUT THEIR HAIR.

I love it. It is probably one of my favorite of their features. They have this swishy, wind-swept, slightly curly, soft, wispy, perfect, invisible on the tips, blond hair. Sometimes it looks a little comb-overy, but I even like that.
It is too cute.
And frankly, I kind of like that it sets them apart from other little boys, especially here, where most people keep their boys' hair in missionary cuts. (Aka, short, well-groomed, and parted to the side.)
Plus, I think their wispy hair makes them look like their daddy.
And goodness knows, that is something to aspire to.

Anyway, you don't need to leave a comment saying "They're your kids, cut their hair how you want!" like I know so many of you will want to.
I already know it.

I do what I want. MMph. (Threatening stance, angry eyes, and "bring it on" gesture, here.)

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Unknown said...

I love their wispy hair. A first haircut is never over due. It is a monumental moment in a mother's life! :)

Erica said...

I love their hair! It reminds me of my own baby's hair (which, by the way, I couldn't bring myself to cut until he was 16 months old). It took me 4 months to get up the nerve to cut his hair, and now that it's getting long again, I have no plans on cutting it any time soon :)

Mo said...

I cut my boys' hair at just about 13 months old, because poor Maxwell was getting poked in the eyes by his hair and it would not go to the side like Miles' would. They did not like the haircut at all, so I am not too eager to do it again. They did look super cute afterwards, like little men. I do kind of miss their wispy hair though, so maybe I will let it grow for a while now, as long as it doesn't start to look like a mullet :)

Nana B said...

it is not too long yet, they still look like boys. When the hair gets to the shoulders then it will be long past time to cut. For right now it is soooooo cute.