Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Film FESTIVAL!

Nope. Just home movies. But all those words start with F, so I got excited.
Anyway, here's a collection of some recent clips and movies of the boys.
Sigh. I am in love with those boys.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

And now, because I'm curious... which clip is your favorite? I LOVE the one of them yelling and hearing their voices echo, and I love the last clip, where the boys are screaming and laughing in their highchairs. ... and don't judge. Those were yummy, all-chicken hotdogs straight off the grill! Haha!

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-Danica- said...

Haha my favorite is when Michah takes the watermelon off greys tray, when when grey looks up at him, Michah just shakes his head like "no. don't even say it." hahah.. or when the one baby is drinking from the water bottle and the other just comes at it with his mouth open with all the faith in the world that their dad will pour some in his mouth. Too cute!

Jennie said...

I love home movies. And I think it wouldn't be a half-bad idea to even have a home movies film festival! We should ponder this idea for the future. :)

Polly said...

I just can't get enough!