Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many things

This post is many random and unconnected things in one.

Travis, the boys, and I are going on last -minute road trip this weekend to San Diego.  I am pretty freaking excited, and not the least because the last time I went to California, I looked like this:

And also because, we have never traveled ANYWHERE with the boys, except to my parent's house in Montana and back, and that wasn't so much a vacation, as a necessity.
Are you in San Diego? Do you want to meet for lunch or something?
Do you have good suggestions of what I can do by myself there with two little boys? Travis will be off filming most of the time, and the boys and I will be PAR-TAY-ING.

Secondly, I decided on Orchard pics, and wanted to show them off. We're going to hang them in a line in clip frames over the bed like this:

And here are close-ups of my chosen pictures:

Thirdly, after all of your comments on my post "On Taking twins to the grocery store, park, or Costco," which were horrifying and hilarious, I remembered a conversation that I never posted about.
And you guys, it was weird.

Travis and I were at this hotel banquet/speeches/people in suits thing (I seriously don't know what it was!) and afterward there was this really loud jazz band, playing "Leave our hotel" type music.
My kids were really into it, and were running around, dancing and drumming on things. A caterer YELLS across the room to me, "TWINS?"
I nod and mouth yes, and then go back to ignoring her.
A few minutes later, I glance over to where she is standing, shouting to someone else and pointing at my kids. She yells to me, "I TOLD HIM THAT HE CAN HAVE ONE OF YOUR KIDS, SINCE HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY."
Um. What?
Seriously, it is so loud, and we aren't friends and she is SHOUTING across the entire room about stealing my children. I obviously look confused, because she yells,
"THAT'S OKAY, RIGHT?" and then laughs like crazy.
I shake my head, and give her a tiny fake smile. I know you're joking. But seriously, don't take my kids.

Then she comes over to me, and still shouting, though not quite as loudly, says, "IT'S THE WORST WHEN ONE FINALLY FALLS ASLEEP AND THEN HIS BROTHER WAKES HIM UP, RIGHT?"
I nod, but don't look at her, or make eye contact. I am watching my kids to make sure they are not stolen.
"I HAVE TWINS, TOO!" she yells.
I give her a small smile.
Say what, now?

Crazy, much? We left shortly after this, since I didn't want my kids to end up with someone else, and since she clearly wanted them and was insane.


Also, this weekend we went to the duck pond again, and my children were not dressed the same. They were running around screaming at ducks and I was chasing them both. I overheard a woman say to her boyfriend, "Oh, look! Twins!"
To which he responded, "They don't even look alike, you're just saying that because they're the same age."
First of all: They do look alike. They look pretty darn identical, especially to strangers.  You must have meant, they aren't DRESSED alike.
Second of all: Babies that clearly belong to the same woman and are the exact same age: ARE TWINS.
They could be entirely different colors, (Okay, that's possible. For reals.) they do not need to look alike, and they really, really don't need to be dressed alike.
They are still twins.

Oh, fourthly, ( I should have included this up with "We're going on a roadtrip!) does anyone know how to find parks and playgrounds along a route on Google Maps? I know how to find parks based on a zipcode, but I want them ALL, so we can stop and play on our way to CALIFORNIA!

I'm really excited.

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Emily said...

We live in San Diego :-) Where are you guys staying? I could maybe direct you to some of our favorite eats/activities depending on the area! Though, I may not be of much heIp... we're kind of homebodies ;-) But I can try! wish I could get together with you... ironically this is the one weekend in forever that I have a friend from out of town coming to visit

Krystle said...

What route are you taking? We may be on your way to your destination....

Two sets of twin boys only a month apart and an older boy? That'd be fun.....

this love is OURS♥ said...

I love this post. I am a twin myself. I have a twin sister (fraternal) we look nothing alike. My mother used to dress us the exact same. I HATED it. I love that you let them be their own little person. My parents wanted us to be the same person. When i turned 7 i remember they let us pick out our own clothes. I loved that. Great post & i LOVE love love your blog. I vote for you daily (:

CCS said...

San Diego Zoo is my vote - the kids will love the animals (and they are FREE!! There is lots to do in Balboa Park which is where the zoo is located too.

Lauren said...

I have heard that the Dairy Queen in Scipio has a petting zoo?????? I forget the town...but somewhere in the middle of Utah, there is a gas station that has a playground for kids (it was on the East side of the highway).

I love going to Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla...

San Diego Temple has a great visitor's center.

kimberly said...

i live in san diego! :) i vote going to the zoo. it's one of my favorite places here and i know your little boys would love it. if you do go, make sure you check out the otters :)

Emily said...

The zoo would be great, as the boys would both get in free. Balboa is always free. Another couple fun/free-ish options — Seaport Village (right off the bay with shops, restaurants and areas for the kids to run around), La Jolla Cove (you can go see live seals on the beach), I've heard the aquarium is good (but I haven't been). I also think there's a children's museum downtown.

Hope this helps!

Betsy Hite Reddoch said...

I live in San Diego (Oceanside really, but still...) and I would be down to get together. My twins are 15 months, so it would be... interesting. And hilarious.

I hear that Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad is pretty great (and FREE!) and I'm trying to check it out before we move in a few weeks.

Here's a great post about stuff to do in SD from another twin mom: http://www.girlsgonechild.net/2012/04/gogo-san-diego-sponsored.html

Anyway, it would be cool to get together betsyreddoch@gmail.com

Noelley Belly said...

First, I'm jealous. But when we went a couple months ago, we tried to do free things. I LOVED La Jolla Coves, but I it might be hard with a stroller... Still pretty and the seals are funny. We went to Scripps acquarium, it was fun but i don't know if it's worth the money. I heard Balboa park is fun. Call Blake when you're down there! ;)

Yolo Momma said...

For frugal ways to enjoy San Diego, I grew up there for 24 years. With having two active boys and needing some flexibility, I recommend OLD TOWN. It is like a small park but no play equipment, but an out door tour yourself historic museum. This is all set back in a time of when you had one room school houses and stage coaches. Parking is free and you can bring a picnic lunch. I always enjoyed walking on the boardwalk at Mission Beach or relaxing with a kite at Mission Bay Park (also free parking) They do have play equipment. If you are up for venturing to North SD County, you may enjoy the Safari Park or formally know as The Wild Animal Park. They are part of the SD zoo....but more natural and "park" like. Lots of guided paths to animals which exhibits look more like Africa. Not to mention a VERY nice and active petting zoo with lots of space. When it comes to nap time, take the boys on the monorail where they are sure to fall asleep but gives you a chance to enjoy the hour plus ride through the open wildlife setting :) Don't get me wrong....the zoo is very nice, but do you want to see animals in "apartments" or in a more natural setting?