Monday, May 14, 2012

Twins in the house.

Sorry that today's post is so late in the day! Last night my friend Cecelia texted me that they were driving through Provo and wanted to stop for a quick visit this morning. Luckily for me (perhaps unluckily for their driving plans), a half-hour visit turned into a three hour visit, and I got to love on these sweet baby boys!
Seriously, I know SO MANY identical twin boys. It would blow your mind. I love the picture above of Micah patting the babies. He liked them well enough, as long as I wasn't holding them. 

Ezra and Elliot chilled outside for awhile on Grey and Micah's blanket... I was having serious flashbacks to last summer.

 And my pretty friend Celia and me with all our blond-haired, blue eyed, identical twin boys! The boys weren't interested in taking pictures, but at least we got a picture!

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Unknown said...

Such cute little ones!

Songbirds & Buttons

Unknown said...

Oh my god, i can't find right words to describe how much I enjoy your blog. And it happens not because I am not native english speaker, but because almost everything that you wrote in your blog is soooooo true. I like you, your little boys and your family. Some of your posts made me laugh and others made me cry (really-really). I'm upset (is it right word?) that I can't help you with ear tubes for Micah, but only what I can say is just - everything will be okay. Thank you for writing, keep doing it, you are a really writer (for 100%). We live very, very far from you, but when we read your blog it seems like we seat near you, listening and drinking cup of tea)
P.S. I thougt for 20 min before I clicked "puiblish your comment". And now I feel very very very shy. :)