Monday, June 4, 2012

15 Months!

Here's how I do math: 15 months is half way between 12 months and 18 months, so the boys are practically 18 months.  18 months might as well be two years, and if they're two, then they're practically three, and if they're three, they might as well be starting kindergarten.
That's what I think, when I think "My children are 15 months old."
They're practically in kindergarten. 

They're not really.
But it feels that way.

I tried for over a half hour to get a picture of them smiling. No go. BOO.
 In the last month, the boys have gotten really good at communication. They almost always know what we're saying, and they'll even obey some commands or answer questions.
"Where's Daddy?" They'll point.
"What does a dinosaur say?" They'll roar.
"Will you bring me my phone?" They find it, and bring it to me.
My new favorite trick, is that slowly they are learning body parts.
When asked, they'll (sometimes, if they're in the mood) point to their hair, belly, nose, and feet.

They also are getting really interested in each other, not just that they want what their brother has, or want to see what he's doing, but they want to play and be together.
They love to wear shoes, and will try to put their own shoes on, and put shoes on each other. They love feeding each other food, and will laugh hysterically while they do it. Whenever they're in their high chairs, they'll trade food with each other, (Grey will eat all the strawberries, and Micah all the grapes, no matter what I give to whom) and every single time I give them something to drink, they'll take one drink, then switch cups; then one drink, they'll switch cups. And again.
They also get worried about each other if they're not in the same room.
Grey is very protective of Micah, and if he comes out from nap time before his brother, he'll spend every second pounding and screaming on Micah's bedroom door, unless I make a SERIOUS effort to distract/contain him.
If he manages to push the door open, he'll run to Micah's bed, and start stroking and patting Micah's hair and face through the bars.
When Micah is crying, Grey will go into their bedroom and pull a blankie out of one of the cribs and bring it back to his brother. It's so sweet!

Blurry, but I LOVE these pictures of Grey being a silly show off. He was trying to make me laugh, and it worked!
And Micah laughs at his brother. At everything. He thinks he is hilarious.  When we put them in their beds for naptime, Grey will make Micah laugh so hard that he collapses red-faced and screaming. It is so funny! He mostly does it by being silly.  He jumps up and down in his bed making silly sounds. He throws all his toys, blankets, and pillow on to the floor.  He lies down in his bed and pretends to be asleep, and then pops back up. (Surprise! I'm awake!) and Micah just LOSES it. He laughs so hard at his brother and copies everything he does.
Grey has taken off his diaper and is peeing through the crib slats? I will, too!
Grey spit out a pear that one second ago, I thought was delicious? I will spit it out too, and refuse to eat anymore!
Grey is intentionally squirting milk out of his bottle, into a puddle on the floor? Me, too! Me, too!

Most of those things are naughty, because suddenly these boys are SO NAUGHTY. They have crazy amounts of energy, and only want to take one nap a day! They love breaking, spilling, and ruining things. For real. Grey crouched down on the iPad and peed on it, because HE KNEW HE SHOULDN'T.

They are also obsessed with cars and motorcycles. They both drive their little toy cars around the house going "Rrrrrooorrrooooo" and they sign for motorcycle (like you're reving the engine) and go "Rrrrrrrrah!" They want to ride the scooter all day, and they love touching all the parts and sitting on the seat of Travis' motorcycle. They always want to go into the street, and they walk along in our parking lot, touching all the cars. They push each other back and forth on the sidewalk in wagons or the neighbors tricycles all afternoon most days.

Grey LOVES water, and wants to be splashed in the face all day.  The neighborhood kids all squirt each other with water bottles, and have been expressly forbidden from squirting anybody in the face, and not squirting the babies at all. But Grey will follow the big boys around, wanting to get squirted in the face! I have to say to the neighbors, "You can squirt this baby. Don't squirt Micah, only this one." They usually are too scared to. Grey will sit in the tub under the faucet though, filing up his cup and pouring it over his own head, again and again. Micah likes water and likes to splash in it, but he's more interested in drinking it.  He'll immediately sign "water" and then scoop handfuls of it into his mouth, even out of dirty puddles. Yikes!

They've gotten really good at going under things. For example, they used to crawl under their crib after a toy and stand up as soon as they had it. They would be crouched in a half-stand, unable to walk, under our furniture all the time.
Now they know to crawl back out, or scoot along on their knees, which is my favorite.  They'll check over their heads, even, to make sure they're in the clear. If they aren't sure, they'll stand up slowly, waiting to hit their heads.

They have started dancing. For real.  Before they would bob their heads, or drum things, but now, they boogey. Micah started by walking really goofy. He would bob, weave, limp, shake his legs and his booty, and I thought that he'd hurt himself the first few times! But no, he was dancing. Their other dance moves include: the butt shake, walking backwards with a fake limp (moonwalk?), waving their arms in front of their faces, and -of course- spinning in a circle until they're so dizzy they fall over.

They're also starting to be interested in playing pretend. I've seen Micah feed himself nothing off a bare plate with a spoon, and carry their stuffed snake, alternately hissing, laughing, and kissing it. They both carry my phone around and talk into it.
And they understand Skype! They know that the people in the computer are their friends, and that they can see them.  They smile, wave, blow kisses, play peekaboo, try to get them to laugh. It's so cute, and it's made Skyping with my family much more enjoyable.

I love their little farmer's tans! Especially the tanlines on their feet!

One last thing: They've also seemed to have reversed roles a bit. Grey is starting to be much more independent: less afraid of strangers or new situations, hardly clingy at all. Micah, who was once my little social butterfly is panicked about other people, even people he knows! He doesn't want me to set him down, and he's much more nervous about trying new things. It's like they've switched on me!

Anyway. You probably didn't read this all unless you're my grandma or me in the future.
But that's what my children are like now. They're silly little toddlers.

They love to have all their "tools" with them at all times. 

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Unknown said...

Such cuties! I love the part about them sharing food when they are in their highchairs - so funny!

Brittany said...

That last picture is hysterical. I literally laughed out loud. I love them!

tammy said...

All these pictures are so cute. Their personalities shine through. Remember when you thought your kids were behind? They are not at all behind. Its sounds like they are doing everything they should be doing right now.

Zaralex said...

read it all :) so not just your grandma :)

Jessica said...

They are too cute! I love how they are just in shorts! Good thing you're their mom, I cannot tell them apart for the life of me!