Tuesday, June 12, 2012


As much as I love my boys' long silly hair... it was getting a bit out of hand.
Even I can admit, it was time for haircuts.
Although, we tried to keep it pretty long. Here are the BEFORE pictures:

 Yeah, okay. I admit it. Their hair is TOO long.
I wish it had a bit more wave, then I wouldn't have had to cut it...

Actually, as it is, I didn't cut it. Travis did.

 YIKES. We let the boys eat some snacks while we cut their hair, and um... bad decision. I found this messy pile in Grey's lap afterward.
I'll try to post some AFTER pictures, but by the time we were finished with haircuts, they weren't interested in sitting still any longer.
Ah, well.
It was hard for me to agree to, but I do think they look pretty cute, and hopefully it will grow back soon.

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Krystle said...

They look adorable!
I am opposite. I don't care about the hair. Our boys have had 3 haircuts (4th on Saturday) and Jack has had like a million.
I didn't get sniffly, or sad or nothing. haha.

It DOES make them look more grown up though for sure....

MARCIE said...

These photos are treasures! The hair and strawberries is hilarious! Good job Travis!