Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chalk hands

The boys have been coloring with chalk lately, and it's so cute! I love their little scribbles in front of our apartment. Yesterday when we played, Grey was more interested in drawing than his brother, Micah was really into putting the chalk into it's box and taking it out again.

Also, for some reason, they LOVE to eat chalk. It's so gross! I hate it. I try to stop them, but sometimes they turn their backs and I can't see they're doing it. They get these little colored spit bubbles in the corners of their mouth...
Bah. Silly boys.

Oh, and some iPhone pics from yesterday:

Micah's toes. // Admiring my family portrait. // My family. // And Micah trying to copy King, and failing...

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Unknown said...

wyatt eats chalk too! it's pretty much impossible to keep it out of his mouth. How could they like the taste of it - crazy boys! :)

Mrs. Swaddle said...

Cute, I remembering chalking up the driveway when I was young.