Friday, July 6, 2012


As you probably know or have surmised, I don't like dressing my boys the same.
They're different people, so they ought to wear different clothes. At the very least, wearing different clothes makes it easier to tell them apart.
But some days... I cannot help myself.
Like on holidays. Or at bedtime.

These cute outfits are from the boys' Auntie Lisa, and they were perfect for the fourth of July. Don't the boys look like twins? 
Here's the story of me trying to get a picture of them together:
I had been trying ALL DAY. Finally, at Travis' parents house, I set the boys on the back steps and got Travis to sing "the itsy, bitsy spider" to make them smile and look at him.
That lasted for about... mm, one second.

Then we tried again. See, Grey is doing the spider climbing up the spout with his fingers?
That also didn't work.

Finally, they sat down on the porch together, without any prompting. They didn't exactly hold still, but I got a few pictures of them together, at least!

Yeesh. Having adorable twins that are too wiggly to photograph is hard work!

But I would say, based on the pictures... it's worth it!

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Lana said...

Micah suddenly looks very different. He looks absolutely just like Travis. His chin is smaller or something. But suddenly it was like whoa micah looks different. Too grown up. :)

Party of Three Heads said...

How do you tell them apart?!