Monday, July 23, 2012

Photo a day July 15-21 & Baby Books

Sun: Grey and Daddy having a romp in the rain. // Mon: The boys will only eat now, if they are pulled up to the table with us.

Tues: At the dr. for Micah's ears. Thanks for all your tips, guys! We started giving him ear oil and it made a huge difference! // Wed: Sidewalk chalk time.

 Thurs: They have the cutest profiles ever. Especially Micah (in the blue). // Grey takes on the slide.

 Sat: A trip to the Farmer's Market and a fresh bunch of Kale.

Okay, I'm also working on the boys' baby book. It's so much fun! Going through journals, old blog posts, pictures, letters I wrote to the boys and deciding what is important enough to go in the book. I'm probably erring on the side of excess. (It's already like 70 Pages long and it only comprises my pregnancy and their first month!)
I'm designing it in Photoshop, though, and then would like to get it printed. Do you know where I can print my own pages? I assume I can at Blurb, or something, but I haven't figured it out yet...
Anyway, here are some pages from the book. What do you think? I'm so proud of them!

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Unknown said...

Awwww!!! I love the baby book!!

Unknown said...

I'm glad the oil is helping a little. It is such a easy remedy if it works for you. I've heard it can work wonders. Also I'm so jealous of the baby book, and feel like oh, come on Camille where's James'. I love it.

Brittany H said...

You have an incredible amount of dedication to be making a baby book. Impressive. I feel good if I just get pictures taken and posted to a blog.

Before Baby Lady said...

Wow! What a beautiful book! They were so tiny and sweet!! I feel like it was just yesterday when I was reading and they were that small!

Paige said...

You have no idea who I am... but I would recommend getting the pages printed at BYU. You can go to the PMPC (the same building as the new Campus Floral) and they can print and bind it for you. The print quality is great and they usually have a pretty quick turn around. I used to work there and they would be the only ones that I would trust to print the books. Just saying.