Monday, July 16, 2012

Photo a Day - July 8 - 14

This week was so lovely! Half the week was hot (and I mean HOT!) and the rest of the week was cool and rainy, windy and perfect. 

Sun: Micah splashing his daddy from a bucket of water. That's how we play on hot days, it's as good as a water park to 16 month old! // Mon: Two little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Tues: Grey, snuggled up in his bed, drinking a bottle. // Wed: Playing outside, love.

Thurs: Popsicle time in the front yard. Micah on the left, Grey on the right. // Fri: Grey and Mama in the wind!

 Sat: Baby footprints. We were playing and dancing in the rain, and I love these little feet.

Click to vote? And leave a link to your photo of the day, if you have one! I keep imagining myself in 20 years, with a photo every day from my children's entire young lives. (Okay, I know that this probably won't last that long, but I've got high hopes!)

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Brittany H said...

I love the picture of you and Grey.

M.Z. Buschman said...

Look at the footprints! I do photo-a-day stuff, but not online :(