Thursday, July 12, 2012


Do you guys add things to your shopping cart on Amazon (somewhat constantly), but never buy them?
Every time I see a book mentioned on someone's blog or website, or have something recommended to me, I look it up, find the cheapest one, add it to my cart...
and remember that I'm probably too poor to buy any more books. 

So my cart just always has half a dozen books in it, which I pick and choose from when I actually buy things. Currently, my Amazon cart looks like this:


So what books do you have set in your sights? Do you have any suggestions for books that should be added to my purchasing queue?
Also, for anyone in the area, we are hoping to move to Salt Lake City very soon (before the end of the summer!) I would love if you would keep us in mind when you see places for rent! We're looking for a three-bedroom with a yard. Dreaming? Maybe. 
Email me if you know where I should live. Maybe we could be neighbors!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I had the Glow in the Dark Night Sky book when I was a kid! Great book!

kensiesmith said...

Hey, so, we've never met, but I live in Bountiful so I thought I word give my two cents. If you are looking to live right in Salt Lake, a yard is going to cost you big bucks and property taxes are crazy high. Bountiful is cheaper than Salt Lake and much more family friendly. West Bountiful and Foxborough are full of rentals. Foxborough is newer, but West Bountiful tends to have larger yards. Plus West Bountiful has the Frontrunner straight into Salt Lake. Both Foxborough and West Bountiful are cheaper than Bountiful, but Bountiful has the best atmosphere. If you do end up living right in Salt Lake, there are some must-visits. Actually, even if you live nearby, they are still must-visits. The Discovery Gateway Exhibit, the Downeast Warehouse, NPS. There's a long list. Good luck house hunting!
-Kensie Smith