Monday, August 20, 2012

Photo A Day, August 12-18

Sun: Uncle Jack in the tree in our backyard. That's a maple tree, right? (Holycow, am I so lame that I'm not sure what type of tree that is?) // Mon: Grandma and Grey. Okay, she's holding a glowing toy in her fist, so obviously he's distracted... 

Tues: A sandy baby belly, have I mentioned yet that we're obsessed with the sandbox? // Wed: Travis put up the shelves over my sewing table! So I finally unpacked it. I am in love with it. Oh, and that's a garland of our engagement photos, taken on a Holga. Cool, yeah?

 Thurs: Playing on the iPad while the morning light streams in. Isn't our new house bright and lovely? // Fri: Travis got the TV set up, and wasted no time in getting The Legend of Zelda going...

 Sat: We went to a family reunion. Can you believe that there are three other sets of identical twins on Travis' Mom's side of the family? Micah was not loving the "twin photo session" that Grandma insisted on.

And here are all the iPhone pictures from the last two weeks, which I am too lazy to label! Enjoy:

Happy Monday!

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