Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo a Day - August 19-25

Sat: We took our family pictures! You can see some of the outtakes if you scroll down to the post recent post. I was going to try to wait until Wednesday to post the rest, but I'm not that mean (aka: I don't have the patience.)
So you'll probably get them tomorrow.

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Strong Clan said...

So Max LOVES my phone too! He has called our friend Kat a few times...I think he has a crush on her. Has texted some of my high school friends, who I am sure thought I was cursing at them. And well, he has even called 911. No real emergency at the Strong House.

Andrea Sotomayor said...

Your boys are so cute & getting so big!! Also, love the living room rug! We are looking for a runner in the same pattern. So cute!