Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo a day, August 26 - September 1

This week has some of my favorite pictures. Like those first two. I die. They are the cutest babies. 

Sun: Micah takes a well-deserved nap after staying through the entire church meeting! // Mon: Grey escapes the bath and climbs up on the couch to a look out the window. He is ripped!

 Tues: Micah reads a story to himself. // Wed: Oatmeal and granola with blueberries for breakfast.

 Thurs: Checking out the otters at the zoo. Sorry you don't get to see any pictures of actual animals... maybe next time. // Fri: Our big, pretty tree looks like this from below.

Sat: We got a visit from some of our friends (check out their blog at A Little of This, A Little of That), and all the twins climbed into the hammock for their first group date and had fun playing together.... ahem.

 Second breakfast with Hobbit Micah // Micah is the cutest sleeper. // Exploring the canyons... okay. It's a park. // Just about tall enough to ride the rides!

 My favorites. // Chicken pot pie! // A little Bod in a graveyard. // Reading stories and giving me sad eyes.

 ELEPHANT! // Checking out the elephant. // Sick of the zoo. // Micah is a clown.

Fresh tomatoes at the Farmer's Market. // Reading a story with Charne. // Micah gives Sophie a push. // And these girls definitely both fit in the cozy coup.

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Krystle said...

so cute. voted of course!

Sarah | Nurse Loves Farmer said...

I've loved watching your boys grow and your photography skills are just growing by leaps and bounds too. Awesome!

Zaralex said...

I can't believe how muscular grey looks! He looks like an athlete lol!!!