Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo A Day - Sept 2-8

This week was so fun, because we had family in town! I looooove having my family here. If you are my family member and you are reading this: COME VISIT ME IN UTAH!

 Sun: The boys read an e-book on the iPad early in the morning. // Mon: Micah and Mary, looking at a picture album.
Oh, and for everyone who wondered: We got that rug at Urban Outfitters, and we really like the way it looks BUT it smells a little weird and got really dirty, really fast, and you can't wash it... so... it's a give and take.
 Tues: My little one and a half year olds! // Grey gives his aunt Mary a kiss.

Thurs: Saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa. // Fri: I spent some time looking through old recipes at my mother-in-law's. I love how old fashioned these are. There's even a recipe for JELLIED VEAL! Yikes. Blech.

Sat: Micah likes to pretend that he's walking away from the mirror and then surprise it by looking quickly over his shoulder. He's never caught the mirror off guard yet, though. His reflection always shows up!

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Unknown said...

Very cute blog! Love reading about other twin's :)

MARCIE said...

Love all these little busy books. And Micah seems to be channeling Peter Pan, dopes he not?