Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quiet Books - {Book One} Pages 1-2

 I'm making quiet books for the boys (all the details and inspirations are in {this post} if you're interested).
I want to make two, so that both boys can be kept equally busy during church (and drives in the car!),  but these are some of the pages from book 1.  I'm going to post each page after I finish it (and hopefully it's counterpart).

Anyway. Here is Page 1 (book 1): The Barn and the Farm Animals.

 I am in love with this barn that you can open and close with a button. I've seen the barn in most quiet books online, and copied from {this} one, especially the animals.

The barn was insanely easy to make: I cut a barn shape out of felt and sewed it down on to the page, and then added doors that open, by sewing them on only one side. The latch is made of a hair elastic and a bead.
 I just used a basic finger puppet shape, and cut out features for each animal. I glued their faces on with hot glue, and glued on things like the ears before I sewed them. (I wanted to go over them with the sewing machine and didn't want to have to try to hold them in place.) The machine didn't have any problem sewing through hardened hot glue (although it was a very thin layer). Then I just zipped around the outside of the on the sewing machine. Done.

And Page 2 (book 1): Button-on Flowers

This page is probably in every quiet book ever made. My mother in law's book has a page like this, but hers is way better. These buttons are impossibly difficult to get on and off (if you're a toddler). But I actually like that they can't do all the pages yet. It means they'll be able to use this book for a longer time. Right?
And the petals go into the flower pot, which my kids love. They want me to unbutton the flowers and then they stick them in the pocket.

I am actually done with the next set of pages, too! So maybe I'll share them thursday.  I had lots of questions about these pages on Instagram, so I thought I'd share.
Leave any questions about them in the comments, and I'll be sure to answer!

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Kristin said...

SO CUTE! I'm way impressed. Those barn animals. Love them.

quiet books are so on my list of things to make. If you could have had these done earlier, what age would you say your boys would've benefited from them? I need to have a goal in mind. :)

Becky Pitcher said...

I think between a year and 15 months. That's when they start having enough interest to actually do activities and little enough patience to make every moment when they're supposed to be still and quiet absolute torture.

MARCIE said...

Grama Lou is beaming down from Heaven on you! Do I mean like a sunbeam or Startreck? I don't know, but this would please her greatly! So proud to see you being so creative! And it is darling!!!

Becky said...

Holy cow this is cute. I so want to make a quiet book. Jealous.

Kristy said...

So cute! Good job!

Anonymous said...

These are coming along beautifully!! They're such a good idea...every child should have one! I'd never be able to make it myself though.

Casey said...

Oh my gosh, you are AMAZING. This book rocks!!