Friday, September 21, 2012

Quiet Books {Book Two} Pages 1-2

More quiet book pages! Just what you've asked and begged and waited for!
Ahem. Or not.

But here they are regardless.
As I previously mentioned, I am making two parellel quiet books at the same time, but they are different.
Mmm... mostly.
Okay, admission: These pages are pretty much exactly the same as the first two pages in my other quiet book. So if you want to know how to make the flowerpots go {here}. And to see all my posts about quiet books go {here} or just click on the Quiet Book label at the end of the post.
There. Lots of links.

Okay, the Circus Tent:  This was to parellel the barn. You can open and close it and there are animal finger puppets inside. I've actually been done with this page for over a month, but I didn't want to post it... because I don't love it. It's my least favorite page I've made, because the animals are SO CRAPPY. I used three different sewing machines trying to sew them and things kept jamming, freaking out, and being otherwise terrible. So. 
I don't love the animals. But I do love the tent. I made the tent by cutting out the shape in white, and sewing on red stripes. After that, it didn't look quite right, so I added the random stripes of other colors and the purple bunting. And I used all contrasting thread (though you can't tell in these pictures), and it made it look really crazy and fun. 
I've seen Circus trains in other books, but I think I made this idea up 100% by myself. So I am kind of proud of that. 
 *Pats self on back*

And The Flowers in the Flowerpot:
This page is exactly like the other Button-on Flower page I made, so for the How-to, click {here}

I hope your weekend is lovely, and I also hope that you have a second breakfast today, in honor of The Hobbit (only one of the greatest books of all time.)

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Suki said...

Beautiful pages :)
I actually like the animals.
Can't wait to make some.
What kind of felt do you use? a thick one or thinner? Do you back the pages with cardboard or anything?

Kayleigh said...

you're not giving yourself enough credit for the animals, because i think they look adorable.