Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Family

Becky: I've picked out books for each of them, and I'm really excited. I've been trying to decide who would like what and - 
Travis: Okay, um. I think books as gifts might not be the best plan. Let's not plan on that. It's a medium idea, but we want the best idea.
Becky: What do you mean? Books are the best gifts!
Travis: Well, for example, video games are something you can play over and over again.
Becky: You can read books over and over again!
Travis: Hmm. Can you? Not really. 
Becky: I would much rather reread a book than replay a video game! Video games are the worst!
Travis: Okay. You are wrong. 

 Becky: Do you want the rest of this snow cone?
Travis: No! I bought it for you. I'm not going to eat the best part of it!
Becky: This is the worst part of it! I was feeling guilty that I ate all the flaky perfect ice on top and left you the thick sugar sauce in the bottom. Blech!
Travis: Oh my gosh, we're perfect for each other. Yes, I want that.

Becky: Guess what! Good news!
Travis: You found another way to spend money.
Becky: Um, yes. But here's the really good news:
Travis: How much did you spend?

Travis: What if you messed up the words, "Hair cut sale" and it said "Cut hair, sale."
Becky: That would be gross.
Travis: Yeah it would.

Travis: Who am I?
Becky: Travis.
Travis: no, I mean, "Oh, teenager Becky, I am attracted to you because I see your luptuous body in  a swimsuit.
Becky: I don't think my body could every be described as voluptuous.
Travis: I didn't say voluptuous.
Becky: you said luptuous which isn't real.
Travis: well it should be. I meant... Probably, luscious.

Becky: do you want to run to 711 and get a redbox?
Travis: but I'm in my pajamies!
Becky: *squinty eyes at Travis*
Travis: You heard that wrong.

Micah: *dumps out all the food on his plate, and puts it on his head* Uh-oh. Hat!
Becky: You are wearing a hat?
Micah: *looks around and grabs a clean diaper, puts it on his head* UH-OH! HAT!

Becky: Ooh, look at that Man's awesome suspenders! They're braided leather, so classy.
Travis: I don't think classy is the right word.
Becky: old school, old fashioned, classy.
Travis: yeah, but you could only wear them if you were an old man.
Becky: or Jimmy Stewart!
Travis: he's an old man.
Becky: No, he's not. He's dead.

Becky: Jack used to wear his little Buzz Lightyear suit with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and a little cape. It was so cute.
Travis: and now he's old enough to be a father.
Becky: What?! Who? Jack?
Travis: Oh yeah, he could get a girl pregnant. Little -boy-Jack, now he's a man.

Travis: Oops, sorry! I tried to kiss you, but I accidentally bit your ear!

Travis: I know you want to start decorating for Christmas soon.

Becky: Well, I've decided to wait until the day after Halloween.
Travis: that's good, that you've decided to wait until the day after Thanksgiving.
Becky: I said Halloween!
Travis: yeah, I agree. The day after Thanksgiving will be perfect.

Becky: Grey, what does a horse say?
Grey: Hahahahahaha! 

 Becky: Micah loves that little train track! I want to buy  another set so we can have it run around the Christmas tree *points towards the front window, where the tree will go*

Travis: Oh, um... I thought the tree could go in here.
Becky: In the kitchen?
Travis: or we could get a little one and put it on the sewing table.
Becky: We are going to have the biggest Christmas tree!
Travis: Maybe put it on your bedside table?
Becky: It's going to be here, in the front room, and it's going to be Christmas EVERYWHERE! People are going to come in our house and be slapped in the face with Christmas!
Travis: Yeah. I know. Ouch.

And a bonus conversation from our recent trip to my parents:

Becky: You aren't being very sympathetic to Jacks trials, mom.
Mom: His trial is that he has to sit and play video games at a computer over which pictures are falling?
Becky: Yes
Mom: Some kids have real trials, Jack. They go without food or shelter.
Becky: Their parents fight and get divorced!
Mom: or do drugs and beat them!
Becky: some kids have ugly siblings! What a trial!
Jack: wait, are you saying that I'm lucky my sisters aren't ugly?
Becky: Yes, and believe me - I know what it's like to have ugly siblings.  We all do, except you Jack.
Jack: Wait! Are you saying that I'm ugly?!
Becky: but the rest of us aren't, lucky you!
Jack: I have the trial of a sister who thinks I'm ugly. And the trial of being ugly! At least Grey and Micah still love me.
Becky: Yes, because they're babies, their love is unconditional.
Kathryn: No! It's only because they can't talk.
Becky: So, they do think you're ugly - they just don't have the words to express their feelings.
Jack: Hmm, that doesn't make me feel better.

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mommatojoa said...

I am so going to make a post like this! I had a good chuckle from this! :)

MARCIE said...

You are totally nuts, in the best way. Love, no, adore you new family pic!