Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo a Day - Oct 21 - 27

Sun: Wrestling on Mama's bed gone wrong. Poor Grey. // Mon: Our pretty home.

Tues: Pumpkin Granola by the (very big) bowl. // Wed: The boys drew on their pumpkins (and selves and brothers) while Travis and I carved ours.

Thurs: Glorious snow! For a few hours, the boys and I got to play in the big, flakey, fresh snow! // Fri: Micah likes waffles for breakfast.

Sat: Grey and Grandma Carol at Stringtown. It was fun, but the lines were SOOO long.

Brain-building. // Autumn Micah. // Grey is sad. // Micah is happy.

Bath boys, Grey on the left, Micah the right.

It's a Magical World, Hobbes, ol' buddy. // Watching the snow fall, can you see his delighted reflection? // Reading stories in a blanket fort. // Grey, motioning for brother.

 Eating snow. // We had enough snow to make a (very tiny) sledding hill! // Grey and Mama in the front yard. // Grey.

We bought the boys a table and chairs from Ikea, thanks for the suggestions, guys!

Big boys in the back seat. // Climbing into the car. // "GRR! Stop taking our picture!" // Grandpa and Grey.

Snuggled up for a chilly walk. // After accidently texting my fifteen-year old brother apologies and grocery lists meant for Travis. // Watching some volley-ball. // Anywhere he can find a piano. That boy loves music.

Hope your week was as lovely as ours! We had a really nice time this week, because Travis got to stay home and work from our kitchen table, and then we had the first snow of the year (which I adore!), and we got to think of lots of excuses to put the boy in their Halloween costumes! Perfecto!

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