Monday, October 8, 2012

Photo a day - Sept 30 - October 6

Sun: My cute boys on a lovely hike, oh I'm obsessed with those pants. // Mon: Dinner of soba noodles and veggies.

 Tues: Time to break out long-sleeved, footie pajamas.  Micah is so cute in his pjs, with the blanket that he drags around with him all day. // Wed: Grey boy in the sandbox.

Thurs: Back to Wheeler farm for another turn on the tractors. // Fri: Roadtrip! We are driving to Nevada to be with my parents. Grey stayed happy watching Toy Story for the first time.

Sat: My brother Jack and me. Hmm, he definitely used to be shorter than I am. 

 A park!

Playing in the fire pit, so cleanly! // The salt lake. // ROADTRIP! // Grey, now staring in Home Alone.

 Grey and Mama, eating candy corn.

 "Hold on, Grey!" // Gaston eating a red pear. // Some days are like this... // Grey's happy place.

 Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes. // Playing soccer. // Micah and my mom. // Petting Rooster.

Helping Grandma get ready. // Costco // Our family is the cutest family. // Playing soccer with Micah.

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KC Squared said...

They are just so cute :)

Come visit:

Anonymous said...

Where in Nevada are your parents?? We are outside of Elko!