Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo a Day - Nov 11 - 17

Happy Monday! Since this week has a special holiday in it (at least for us, Americans), I'm not sure if I'll have any more posts this week, except an AMAZING giveaway tomorrow. (Seriously, you guys should get excited. Here's a sneak peak.) So take this post in and appreciate it! :)

Sun: Travis and Grey. I can't believe we even had so much snow a week ago, since it's all gone now. // Mon: We woke up to blue skies and sunshine.

Tues: In a trance. Have I mentioned that the boys love Aladin? // Wed: A trip to the temple. I especially love the temple during the winter.

Thurs: Aunt Mary and Grey. //  Fri: Apparently, the theme for this week is trees. 

Sat: Grey is left-handed and I am delighted. I think it's so cute!

And here are the week's phone pictures, including some of my very favorites.
 Micah kept hugging his sick brother. // Our pretty room, see my new print? // Micah in the snow. // Mary likes to entertain my children. :)

The only light we need are Christmas lights. // Because they are pretty. // Checking out the trees at Temple Square.  // One down, one to go.

Found all these gems on Mary's phone: The boys and me at the library. // Watching me sew. // Hiding in the kitchen, eating fruit snacks. And my favorite: Me, in my pjs, with a pot on my head, eating Cheerios off the floor. This is what Motherhood looks like.

 Playdate with this one and these ones. // Moms are the worst. // Getting ready for a coloring playdate. // Piecing together Grey's zigzag quilt.

We could play peekaboo all day.

 My pretty new print! // We have discovered stickers at our house. // Showing off in their cozy sweaters. // Wednesday's masterpieces.

After a long morning of playing. // All my pretty new fabric! // Stringing noodes on to string. // At Ikea.

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Casey said...

LOVED the pot-on-the-head picture. Priceless!

Amanda said...

Your boys are adorable! I've been reading your blog for ages, and you've inspired me SO MUCH! I'm also going to be copying your boys style... Gorgeous!!!

Marge Bjork said...

1. That is a really lovely picture of the temple
2. That picture of Mary entertaining is hilarious
3. So is the picture of motherhood
4. Everywhere should be covered in Christmas lights all winter.