Monday, November 26, 2012

Photo a Day - Nov 18 - Nov 24

I'm back, did you miss me? I know you did. 
I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. No matter who we are or what our situation, we always have something to be grateful for, and this year I felt like I had so much to be grateful for. Good family, a good job, good babies, good marriage, good home, good food, good everything. So good.  Here's what our week looked like, but I didn't include my phone pictures, because I was feeling a bit lazy today. And I really want to get back to my book instead of resizing Instagrams for half an hour. 
Mmm, a good book? That really is something to be grateful for. 

Sun: Grey and Aunt Mary, watching Aladin. // Mon: Another visit to temple square. I'm trying to take lots of pretty pictures of the temple, so I can hang one up in the house soon. 

Tues: Micah the explorer. // Wed: A bath at Grandma's house, and the boys learned a new word: Bubbles!

 Thurs: Thanksgiving dinner. I love that we literally couldn't fit all the tasty food on to the table. Such a happy holiday! // Fri: We picked up our Christmas tree today, and after Travis' trimmed the end off the trunk, we turned the little wooden medallion into an ornament. I sense a new tradition forming!

 With Travis home all week, it was (in his words) "All sewing, all the time." But who can blame me? I made 3 pillowcases, put the binding on my quilt, and made some serious headway into the boys' toddler quilts!

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Polly said...

Cute pictures! I love that your sewing so much. If you didn't already you should put the year on the back of your ornament.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a beautiful photo of you working on your quilt!

Kristen said...

I love the ornament idea! Your family is so adorable, I can't handle it!

M.Z. Buschman said...

I am blown away by the photo you took of the temple.