Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip to the Temple

Recently, since the weather got cold, the boys and I have been looking for indoor activities. Especially outside our own home, especially free.
(Any suggestions, you Salt Lake Mamas?)
But yesterday we went to the Vistor's Center at the temple to look at the statue of Jesus {The Christus}. It is gigantic and beautiful, and it was so cute to hear the boys try to whisper "Jesus," since it sounded more like "Thethus."
Afterward, we ran around a little outside on Temple Square. They already have the giant life-size nativity set up and it was really neat! I tried to take lots of pictures, but you know how that goes...

To learn more about Temples (because I know you're curious, they're insanely beautiful, are they not?) go {here}. And leave me a comment with your favorite winter activities for toddlers.

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