Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quiet Books {Book 2 - Page 3-4}


I am almost done... I just have to make about three more pages, finish sewing a robot, and bind this baby.
Yikes. That doesn't sound nearly as done as I'd like. I'm hoping to finish them by Christmas... fingers crossed!
Anyway, here are two of my favorite pages. (Do I say that about every page?)
The Tent and the Ocean match up with the Teepee and the Fish Bowl in the other book. (See those pages {Here} and all the other Quiet Book pages {Here})

The Tent: I love this tent, because I only have one memory of really camping in my childhood, and what I remember is BATS. It's kind of hard to see the page, because I really wanted to include that sweet picture of Micah. He loves watching me work and he loves unzipping and unsnapping this page. The bats snap on and off with dollarstore snaps and the tent unzips so you can put things inside it. (Like maybe fruit snacks bats?) I stitched around the outside of the bats with a blanket stitch, but I hot-glued their ears down, because I couldn't figure out how to stitch around it while keeping their shape. I actually like the hot-glue, since it makes the bats a little stiffer and easier to grab and yank off the page. 

The Ocean: Bum-buh-duh-BUUUM! The most impressive page in either of the quiet books!  The sea creatures are all attached to the page with purse magnets. (They're easier to see on the Fishbowl page, if you're curious.) Both the page and the creatures are reinforced with thin cardboard (think Cereal Boxes) and then the creatures are padded with a little extra felt. I blanket stitched around the entire Starfish and Octopus, but hot-glued the sharks teeth, so I didn't screw up his fearsome grin. The shark is my favorite, but the octopus is Travis' favorite. Good, because that Octopus took me like 2 hours, Ha! Worth it?

Check out all the other pages, leave me your thoughts, and link up to your favorite quiet books!

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Kristy said...

I know I comment every time, but that quiet book is adorable! I love your page ideas! My favorite quiet book I've made (so far!) is this star trek one I made for my husband last year...

Delightfully nerdy, that's me! :)

MARCIE said...

Exciting! I am seeing lots of QB pages on Pinterest and try to pin them for you.

Unknown said...

You don't know me, but I love you! Your blog is just awesome. I am envious of your photography skills and all of your awesome projects, like this one. My twins are three months old and I would love to have it together enough to do things like this. Some day, maybe!