Thursday, December 6, 2012


Micah is sick.
I have literally watched (or been in the room while my kids watched) Aladin SEVEN TIMES in the last two days. 
They are not interested in watching any other movies or shows, and if I try to put in another movie, Micah sits on the couch and whimpers pathetically, "E-laddy, E-laddy. Hup-pease, E-laddy."
(Which translates to "Aladin, Aladin. Help, please, Aladin.")

It's just cute and sad enough that he gets whatever he wants. We have been mixing things up and watching E-laddy on my bed, too. And that's pretty nice and snuggly, except that I keep accidentally falling asleep. (Toddlers are tiring! Who knew?)

And sometimes (since Micah keeps saying he's "hot, hot, hot"), the boys get to watch Aladin naked. But I try to make them sit on these toilets.

Don't be fooled by their little potties. They are definitely not being potty-trained. These just happened to cost 5$ each at Ikea and they come in handy when the boys refuse to get dressed.

And having watched Aladin about 50 some times over the last two months (this is not an exaggeration), I've started thinking a lot about what my three wishes would be if I found a magic lamp. I think about it all the time.
And I can't come to a decision. Lots of money, so we could live peacefully in the middle of nowhere and Travis wouldn't have to work? We could grow food and raise animals but not have to depend on them to survive. That sounds pretty awesome. But what is money, really? The root of all evil?
Then I think, Happiness and health for my children and family. But if they never get sick or have hardships, how can they understand the complexities and beauties of life? How can they have compassion or kindness if they can't relate to other people?
World peace? Impossible, without dictating the choices and actions of others.
Understanding of everything? Seems overwhelming.
I think I might just set the genie free. After I get that little farm and lots of money of course.
Oh wait, I think I decided against that.

Did I mention that I've been watching Aladin a lot lately? Because I have.

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Brittany H said...

We have been watching Thomas the Train over and over and over. Milo finally let me put in Toy Story.
I can probably quote it line for line.
Sick babies are so pathetic, how can you not give in when all they want is tv?

Jocelyn said...

Aw, I'm so sorry. Sick babies are so sad. :( And your story reminds me of when my (very) little sister was like three years old, and would just watch Monsters Inc. over and over and over, for days on end. Amazingly, it never got old to me, even though I saw it so many times in bits and pieces. And I like your wish logic. :)