Thursday, January 10, 2013

Four Years

That's how long I've spent with this weirdo. 

*Travis and the boys are watching a trailer for Pooh's Heffalump Adventure.*
Travis: Well, that just looks adorable!
Becky: Whatever *laughs*
Travis: Whatever?! It DID look adorable. I want to see it.
Becky: You want to see that knock-off Pooh movie?
Travis: You didn't see how cute that trailer was. It was really cute.

Becky: You should wear this tie!
Travis: That's a girl tie. That's your tie.
Becky: Should I wear it then? Tucked into my skirt like this? That's pretty cute...
Travis: That's pretty Asian, I'd say.
Becky: *laughs*
Travis: Why are you laughing? That's an Asian thing to do. It wasn't a joke.

Travis: What do you think?
Becky: I don't care.
Travis: But which way are you leaning?
Becky: Neither. I'm leaning towards the middle.
Travis: So you're on the fence, and you're just PRESSING down.
Becky: To be clear, it's not a picket fence.
Travis: To be clear, it is barbed wire.

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Unknown said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall... You two are cute.

Kala said...