Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo a day - Jan 6 - 12

So new year, new look. Probably no one really notices, but me. But since I started putting all last years photo-a-day pictures into a book, I realized that it was a lot easier to do if the pictures were 4x5s instead of 4x6s. 
So the pictures have been cropped, yo. 
If you live anywhere on the western half of the United States (or maybe everywhere in the US?) you've probably had the same week as us: FREEZING cold? Probably heaps of snow? Lots of soup and snuggles?
Well, even if you haven't, now you know what such a week looks like:

Sun Jan 6: Naked Grey won't get dressed. // Mon Jan 7: Naked Micah won't get dressed... I'm sensing a theme. 

 Tues Jan 8: Grey is a silly boy. // Wed Jan 9: Building with legos (and now, instead of staying naked, Grey insisted on wearing that shirt to bed, and then the next day.)

Thurs Jan 10: Playing trains with brother.

 Fri Jan 11: SO MUCH SNOW. (Don't let this picture fool you, I hardly shoveled at all. It was all Travis.) // Sat Jan 12: Grey figured out the train magnets! (And if you're wondering, was wearing that pj shirt for the second day in a row.)

How is your week? The boys are down for a nap already, even though it's not even 11 yet, since they woke up this morning AT SIX AM.
Too early. Man, I am getting spoiled. I remember when having the twins sleep in until 6am was a dream come true.
Did I mention that I have twins? Twins are hard. I am sleepy.

Oh, and we're weaning off bottles. I've set a goal for myself: Feb 14 (the day that we leave for a family vacation), and last night and today at naps, I gave the boys their bottles with like an ounce of milk in it, and then a sippy cup FULL of milk. Grey is practically perfect in every way ignored his bottle and drank from his sippy, but Micah screamed last night and at naptime.
The amazingly good news is, he only screamed at us for a half hour last night and maybe ten minutes today. (Believe it or not, that is aaaaamazing!  It was funny, last night after Micah had been screaming for half an hour, Grey sat up in bed and yelled, "Hey! Micah! Micah! STOP." I couldn't stop giggling! He's so funny and smart.) So maybe this will work!
If it doesn't work, then I will burn the bottles with acid and we'll go cold turkey.  Wish me luck!
Oh, and wish me luck with our cold-turkey stopping of electronics. By that I mean, I sent the iPad to work with Travis and unplugged the tv.
But it means that even I can't check my phone constantly, like I want to, because my kids FLIP OUT if they see that I get the phone and they don't. So far, (today and yesterday) it's been okay. But Travis was home yesterday and it's only 10:45am today. So.
Who knows.

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Strong Clan said...

We went cold turkey and Max boycotted milk for a month. But now he loves it again and bottles are gone! Yes!

Brittany H said...

I desperately want to attempt a cold turkey of electronics.

Brittany H said...

Also, what are you using to turn your photos a day into books?

Krystle said...

1) they are so cute
2) i wish we could have a playdate
3) good luck with bottles and media!

MARCIE said...

Wow, no electronics. That has to be killing you. You are the quick draw queen with the phone for pics. I can see the dilemma tho with the boys wanting equal (or more) time with the phone.
I'm very impressed with Grey telling Micah to be quiet. Hilarious!