Tuesday, February 19, 2013

90 Years

Ninety years ago, my great-grandparents were born. The roaring twenties. (Right?) They lived through the great-depression, World War Two, the Civil Rights movements, and so much more. When I was 11, my great-grandmother (my namesake) died of breast-cancer. I've written about her before, and how much I loved her and still revere her.
But this weekend was a celebration of her other-half. My great-grandpa Jim celebrated his 90th birthday. Wrap your heads around the fact that this man is the Great- Great Grandfather of my children.
That's FIVE generations, people!

The picture on the left is Micah, Grandpa, and Grey. The picture on the right is my Great-grandpa Jim, his daughter, my Grandma Marcie, my mother (her daughter) Polly, and the boys and me. Five generations.

It's pretty amazing to believe, especially considering the fact each generation belongs to happily married   (although very young) parents.
Growing up, many of my mom's cousins were my age or younger. Some of my mom's aunts and uncles were her age or younger.  Now, I still have first cousins being born (younger than my kids) and my mom's cousins are starting middle school.
So make things less confusing, as a kid we just called everyone older than us "aunt" and "uncle" or "grandpa" and "grandma," and everyone that was our age (or my parents age) was our "cousin."
It was been a confusing web of family relations for Travis to try and unravel and make sense of. But oh! It's been so fun this week to see all my cousins and all my grandparents and aunts and uncles.
I've been called "Polly" (my mother's name), at least as often as I've been called by my own name.
There are a lot more pictures and videos to sort through from this weekend, but these three are some of my very favorites.

My "cousin" Jonathan made this lovely video for the party. It really is just a montage of photos from my grandpa's life, but it's pretty amazing to see the times change and love in a family. I would recommend watching it, even if you're not related to me. And if you are related to me and you haven't seen this yet: prepare for tears.

Ah, it's good to be back, blog. 

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Polly said...

I must not get out much because seriously this was one of the greatest weekends of my life. I had a blast and laughed so much. It's cool to love your family!!!

Casey said...

Wait, wait, wait....you're wearing sandals AND a short-sleeved dress. !?!? LUCKY!! haha. Glad you had fun!

Angela said...

My last great grandparent, Grandma Sweetie (my dad's mom's mom) died back in August of this year at 89. Her husband, Glenn, died in Jan '09 and my Great Grandma Kahl (dad's dad's mom) died in March of '08 at 94 years old. I feel blessed to have had them in my life for so long. My husband only has one living GRANDPARENT, his Pops (his dad's dad) who is 94, almost 95 years old! (My grandparents are in their late 60's and my parents in the mid-late 40's.) My other great grandparents died before, or shortly after, I was born. I feel blessed to have such an awesome legacy laid for me. I have a huge family! My paternal grandpa is 1/14 kids. Great Grandma Kahl was also 1/14. That leads for a LOT of extended family...and that's just my dad's dad's side! Insane!

Sigh. Big families are the best! I'm glad you enjoyed yours!


Emma Cullen said...

I watched the video, I cried, and I don't even know you or your family! Its so moving to watch someones life like that.

My last living grandparent is 91, I wish to have as much family as you!

Also: can you believe how much has happened in our great/grandparents life times?!

Emma Cullen said...

PS. Unrelated note, I just made your molasses cookies. Heaven! I can't wait to make them in cold weather to give everyone!