Friday, February 22, 2013

Orange you pretty!

I have been feeling very inspired to garden lately.
And as spring approaches (or so they tell us), it's been on my mind all day.
Golden cherry tomatoes or red?
Orange and yellow carrots or purple?
Is it worth it to grow garlic when we go through 3 heads a week?

One of the loveliest things about our trip to Arizona was that there was fresh fruit growing EVERYWHERE.
More specifically: Oranges.
It was so dreamy.

We literally picked armfuls daily.
They were eaten, yes. But they were also pool toys (they float!), juggling balls, and a ball for catch with the dog.

I brought home about a billion, and spent almost 3 hours last night juicing them to turn into orange jelly! (Not marmalade, I don't love the rinds.)
Although, I do have a pot of water and rinds boiling away on the stovetop now, soon to be candied orange peel.

"Mawee" as the boys now call her, and Grey. Picking oranges.

In case you're my mom or grandma and you're thinking, "Enough with the oranges already! Show us some pictures of people!"
Okay. Here:

Oh, and don't worry. There are SO MANY MORE pictures for you to see from Az. This didn't even include any pictures from the party- you know, the reason we drove south for 12 hours.

They will come.

My sweetheart and me, on Valentine's Day. A pink sweater was all that marked the occasion this year, although we did go out to eat the next day at Joe's Farm Grill. If you're in the Mesa/Gilbert area, I would HIGHLY recommend it!

My grandpa Jim and my brother Jack. Clearly we are Minnesotans. I don't think anyone from AZ was in their pools this week....

  My cute siblings. I miss living with them. (But also... I don't.) But I do miss living with my pretty mom. She takes very good care of me, and when we're all together- she takes pretty good care of my kids too!

 My pretty cousin Danielle and me, the last time I saw her - SHE WAS ONLY 12! It's blowing my mind. Now she's a junior in high school.

My grandparents and I, and below, my grandparents and the boys right before we loaded up into the car to go home.
My grandma said, "Before you go, we need a picture of us with the boys that looks as good as the one of my dad and the boys."
Done and done!  

Oh, it's been a good week. I can't wait for summer. Then we'll have family and fruit all the time, and not just for a week at a time!

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MARCIE said...

Actually, your orange photos are quite lovely. But your people photos are great! I'm so happy you were here!