Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Photo a Day Jan 27- Feb 2

I'm so, so glad that I take these pictures. In my mind, I've almost stopped calling them my "Photo A Day" and instead I refer to them as my "Photo Diary."
Snapshots of every day. Little things, special moments. Whatever it is that makes the day special, unique - or completely ordinary. Snuggles on the couch, foggy windows looking over snow, uncooked lentils. This is what my life looks like. 
With the chaos and laundry, trying to get dinner on the table and get to appointments on time, with running out of milk just when we NEED milk and almost hourly tantrums - it can be hard for me to see and remember all the pretty little things that I love. I don't mind that my bed isn't made in these pictures. I don't mind that toys are on the floor. I'm able to point my lens at something lovely and blur out the mess and count my blessings. One day at a time. 
And (unsurprisingly) most of those pictures and blessing come in the form of two blond tornados and a very tall handsome man named Travis. 

Sun Jan 27: The boys in our family stayed home sick today... but only one of them was actually sick. // Mon Jan 28: Grey reaches for my phone the moment I set it down to pick up the camera. 

Tues Jan 29: The weather outside is frightful!

Wed Jan 30: Learning to cook beans and lentils today. // Thurs Jan 31: Micah makes even dirty laundry look nice.

 Fri Feb 1: Grey loves his new book "Cheer Up, Mouse!" (look for the giveaway tomorrow!) // Sat Feb 2: We pretend that it's Springtime and the boys practice riding their balance bikes.

What did your week look like?

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