Wednesday, March 6, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Birthday Party

This past weekend, the boys had a birthday party. I took an excessive amount of pictures of them standing idly in front of their cakes, secretly cried in hysterical joy that it was warm enough to play outside, and made two "fancy" birthday cakes. (They were just regular delicious later cakes, but I adorned them with sprinkle letters, making them unbelievably cool.)

This party did not have
1. A Pinterest worthy "theme."
2. A color coordinated snack table.
3. Goodie bags for our guests to take home.
4. A single planned game or activity.

The theme of this party (which I repeatedly reminded everybody of) was I MADE TWO CAKES AND TWO KIDS AND THEY'RE ALL AWESOME.

But despite our lack of theme, we did have
1. Two very handsome, well-dressed genius two-year-old-birthday boys.
2. Many sugar-high toddlers who were quite happy to entertain themselves.
3. Lots of love for the two greatest children of all time.
4. And a tall handsome man who drove all over Salt Lake looking for balloons and shoveled snow out of our yard so that it could dry in time to be turned into a "picnic area."

So all in all, I think every thing evened out. In fact, I'd say we pulled ahead. 
Pitchers 1, Pinterest 1,000,000 0.


Oh, and here's a video from the actual birthday morning, in which the boys got a chance to blow out candles without the help of wind.

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Krystle said...

SO cute! Happy Birthday again!

Unknown said...

very cute babies enjoying birthday party.
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