Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo a Day - March 17 - 23

Blerg. What a week. I think we began with sick boys, and ended with sick grownups, and we have very few days of happy health in-between. In my sick-bed this weekend, I was bloghopping and discovered a project where Moms tried to take a portrait of their child every week. I kind of do that anyway, but I love the idea of having a specific photo that I'm looking for every week. I'm going to try to include a "portrait" of each of my children every week. Whether it's a picture of Grey with an umbrella or Micah snuggling in my bed. I'm letting the word portrait be big and vague.
One beautiful photo of each of my kids every week. Yes. I will do that. 

Sun March 17- With a housefull of sick people, we decided the fastest, blandest meal was probably scrambled eggs. But I decided to mix it up, and make a frittata instead. // Mon March 18: Snuggling with Daddy.

Tues March 19: Fingerpainted by Micah. // Wed March 20: Grey. Tut tut, it looks like rain. 

Thurs March 21: Micah, my heart. 

Fri March 22: A cold weather walk. // Sat March 23: We're not really potty-training yet (although we're planning on doing the 3-Day thingy the weekend after Easter), but man! Micah looks pretty darn cute in big boy undies.
(Okay, about the Potty-Training in 3 Days - that seems like nonsense to me, but every one with twins really recommends it! I think that the faster you can get your TWO toddlers on the toilet, the better, even if it's silly, hectic, or not completely effective! At least by the end of one weekend the boys will both understand the point of potty-training. We're doing it over "Conference Weekend," because we don't have normal church, so we can hypothetically stay home all weekend. Wish us luck and leave us tips!)

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Unknown said...

Don't give up after just 3 days thinking it won't work! I potty trained all four of mine kids (3 boys 1 girl) at age 2 with letting them run naked for several days going no where. Day #4 was the one where it "clicked" for all of them! By the end of a full week they were in undies even in public. Never used pull ups but did put back in diapers for bedtime for a while.