Monday, March 11, 2013

Photo a Day - March 2 - 9

Some weeks, I'm really proud of my pictures for the Photo a Day. Some weeks, I'm like "Meh, these are okay, but this one is slightly out of focus, not very creative, clearly from last week, or has some other problem that's annoying only me."
This week, I felt like almost all my pictures were annoying and bad. I mean, that one of the sunset is pretty gorgeous (totally worth the trip to the roof, and the panicked calls to the husband to inform him that I couldn't climb back down) and I like that the boys are together in every single picture but that one, but meh. I just wasn't feeling very inspired last week. 
I think this week is off to a better start, since Travis took an awesome picture of Micah yesterday and I took some pretty great pictures of the branches on our tree this morning. So. Here you go. 
Stay tuned for more pictures of my kids getting dirty in their rainboots, since clearly that's this weeks' theme.

 Sun March 3: A visit to Grandma's house, and a birthday photoshoot on the porch. // Mon March 4: Is that the sun? After so many months of clouds and snow!
Tues March 5: The view from our roof, such a pretty Salt Lake sunset. 

Wed March 6: The boys got some new rainboots today. // Thurs March 7: Our backyard doesn't believe it's spring, but we still have to eat all our meals as picnics.

Fri March 8: The boys didn't think that riding a plastic dinosaur was as fun as it seemed. // Sat March 9: Micah and Grey have decided that they love to chase and tackle-hug Elanor. She doesn't seem to mind.

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Sally said...

Great pics!! LOVE the rainboots!!

Jessica Smith said...

I actually scrolled through the pictures before I read what you wrote. As I scrolled through them I was thinking how awesome the pics are because they don't look overly posed or staged like so many bloggers are fond of doing. I think they're great!