Friday, April 26, 2013

Making Fools

Remember a few months ago, when we had a family reunion of sorts in Arizona, and I posted about one million pictures? Of course you do. It was for my Great-Grandpa Jim's 90th birthday party. (That's right, he's the boys' Great-great Grandpa!)
Well, here's a video from then. We finally posted it online, and the boys and I watch it every day. They're excited to point out their aunts, grandma, and Mom among the "dancers."

This dance is silly, and probably only fun to watch if you know us. We pretty much "choreographed" the entire thing late the night before, basing all the dances on made-up conceptions of the time period.  And every time that we forgot who was supposed to be doing what, my cousins happily jumped in to keep everyone entertained.

As my mom so deftly put it, "Dancing well clearly isn't in our genes, but making fools of ourselves and being okay with it is."

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Party of Three Heads said...

I just think your husband is a great film maker.. (I'm assuming he's the one who made this video) The movement on the camera is soo smooth, is he holding it or what?

Miriam said...

Becky, you family is awesome! My husband and me saw this video and we could not stop laughing!
Well done!

Angela said...

This video is precious! I also watched the rap one and the country western one. I bet your great grandpa's heart was overflowing!


MARCIE said...

Love Polly's comment. It's so true! We are not chickens we are all ham!