Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photo A Day - March 24-30

Usually I try to post my "Photo a Day" right away on Monday morning, but yesterday I experienced my first migraine. Holy. Dang. Migraines are the worst. They are not just headaches. First, I stopped being able to see. There was a ring of light in my vision and dark fog creeping into my peripheral  When I sat down to edit photos and try to post, I couldn't read the screen. At which point, I retired to my bed, so I could lie sobbing, imagining that I could never see my children's faces again. Only then did a headache actually kick in. So I made a doctors appointment (or rather, I called Travis 50 times until he scheduled one for me.)
At the doctor, my headache increased so much that I started shaking and feeling nauseous, in so much that I eventually had to jump up and sprint to the bathroom and vomit. It took all my remaining will power (and desire to not embarrass myself further) to not lie down on the floor and cry until Travis came back. 
So. No blog post. 

Today, however, I feel much better - and I know now the sweet power of Tylenol seeping through my veins. 

Here are this weeks pictures, and an admission: I am blatantly cheating this week. Because the boys and I spent three days this week with my in-laws doing wonderful Eastery-things, and spent the rest of the week sitting at home fighting over whether or not they were allowed to watch another episode of Timmy the Lamb, or whatever that stupid show is called. Maybe showing you pictures of Micah with his eyes swollen shut from seasonal allergies, or Grey with blood running down his face from an injury I did not witness is more true to life. But these pictures are not necessarily supposed to be a "slice of life." As Hitchcock so wonderfully stated of his movies, "They are a slice of cake."
They are the good. The worth remembering. They may not be totally accurate representations of our week, and that's okay. I usually take pictures of my dinners that make it to the table unburned and in decorative dishes, and not the dinners that are crusty scrambled eggs on plastic pink plates, but both are there. I just choose to focus my lens and my eye on the beautiful, and only remember the good things about each week. And this week, the good things were family and Easter. 

Sun March 24: I don't have any recent pictures of the boys sleeping, so I asked Micah to pretend to go "ni-night" so I could photograph it... // Mon March 25: A visit with Uncle "Teet."

Um. I just saw the date I typed on that. It was not the 36th of March. It was also on Monday. Snuggling with Grandpa Dave after their naps.

Tues March 26: Grey loves watermelon. // Thur March 28: Noodle Sword-fights with Grandma!

Sat March 30: Checking out some Easter Bunnies... and feeling quite nervous about it. // Grey loved finding all the Easter eggs, and soon had more than his bucket could hold!

Stay turned for some adorable Easter pictures tomorrow. Holy dang. My family is so cute and well dressed, (at least one day a year) that the Easter pictures give me giddy conniptions.

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Casey said...

BECKY! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you had a migraine. YUCK! Glad you guys had a great Easter! We're back in town and my morning sickness has improved by leaps and bounds. I actually get dressed a few times a week now, rather than never!!! haha. See you guys soon!

tammy said...

Migraines are so horrible. I am so sorry! I used to get them once a month from 6th grade until 9th grade. I would go blind like that and they would last about 2 days. Usually there is a pattern like chocolate or caffeine but sometimes there isn't. So, so sorry. I will tell you my theory one day on how I got rid of them but can't do it on comments.

Sarah said...

migraines suck! Prayers it never returns.

Love the picture with the watermelon!