Friday, May 31, 2013

Aunt Tessa

Travis' sister Tessa left two weeks ago for a mission. In Mormon culture, it's very common (and getting even more common) for men and women to take one and a half to two years and serve a mission trip when they're 18 or 19.
The age requirements were recently lowered, and it seems like every Mormon teenager we know is leaving home and heading out into the world to preach the gospel of Christ and serve the people of their assigned area.

When missionaries leave, they are assigned an area, often overseas, usually somewhere that they don't have friends or family. They're asked not to call home (except on special occasions, like Mother's Day or Christmas) but to email and write letters only, to help them devote their entire selves to serving others and ultimately serving Christ.

Travis served for two years in Argentina (and learned Spanish), but I never served, because the age requirement used to be that women couldn't go until they were 21 (now they can go at 19) and I got married at 20. Ah well. Travis and I will go together when our kids are grown up.

But now the boys have two aunts on missions!
It was nice to spend one last day with their Aunt Tessa before she left this month, even if we did just play "This little Piggy" for about an hour...

And I thought the picture below was so funny! Ever since Micah was three weeks old, he's loved snuggling with his Grandma Carol more than anyone else. He always lies his head on her shoulder and she scratches his back. Look at that goofy face of contentment!

A note: There are probably missionaries in your home town! If you see them walking down the street, go say hi, and if they knock on your door - invite them in for some lemonade. They literally spend 100% of their time trying to meet and help the people in their area.
If you live in Indiana or Georgia, you might even meet one of Travis' sisters. (You'll recognize them by their long legs and big smiles.)

If you'd like to learn more about Mormons, or meet with the missionaries, {Click here} for more information. (Even if you just have a few questions. I cannot emphasize enough how much missionaries love answering your questions.)

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Bonnie said...

Where in Indiana? I'm in the Bloomington area! We love the sisters in our ward!

Unknown said...

I was a nanny once and some missionaries came to the door. It was 100+ outside so I invited them to step into the air conditioning while I got them some ice water. They very politely asked if any adult men were home and since there weren't they waited outside. It was cute, and very respectful. We are not religious, but I always enjoy talking to the missionaries I've encountered.

How does it work, as far as money goes? Especially when they're in a different country? Do they only go places there are LDS families to house them and feed them, etc? Just curious :)

Carol said...

Becky, wonderful photos. Thank you.
Jordan, I am the blessed father of the two aunts on missions and will miss them for 18 months but thrill in the experiences that they have chosen to share.
Each missionary, irregardless of where in the world, contributes $400U.S./month to the church - first from his/her own funds, then, if necessary from his/her family, then if needed from his/her local congregation (a ward). That goes for every missionary uniformly to the church but the expenses vary throughout the world so when the missionary arrives in his/her specific mission, the mission normally arranges for and pays for housing and provides a modest monthly allowance for food and simple expenses.
Hope that helps answer your questions.

Carol said...

The above says Carol but really is Dave, Becky's favorite father-in-law!