Wednesday, June 5, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Spitting Water

These boys love their daddy. These pictures are the last that I took with my old camera, and although I have a new camera to use, it's not quite the same. I was very used to my old camera and very in love with my old lens.
Someday I'll buy another Sigma 30mm lens.
Until then, here are some pictures of the two cutest boys in the world, and their extremely handsome daddy.
They're even good-looking when they're having a contest to see who can spit on Mom! Although, seriously? Now they are into having "spitting competitions" in their room, where they try to spit their milk on to each other's bed.
That is even less fun for me and not nearly as cute.

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Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

Yep, it's his fault.