Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Talking with boys

Travis, the boys, and I are leaving tonight for San Diego. We are going to surf and play with our California cousins and the girls are going to be outnumbered like 5 to 1. Then Grey and Micah and I are going to Nevada for a couple weeks while Travis films in Mali with Yeah Samaka.
 So, I guess you're not getting blogposts for a while. At least until next week, when I get to my moms.
By then, I'll probably be unable to stop myself from sharing all our sunny beach pics and I'll be back.
But no promises.

 Until then, here's a few conversations of late, including one between Grey and Micah, which are the greatest conversations ever held.

 Travis: Micah, don't touch that.
 Micah: Oh! It's hot!
Travis: No, it's sharp. Your mom is using it to cut fabric.
 Me: But don't worry, I'm making something for you, Micah!
 Travis: What is it?
Me: Didn't I tell you my new cutest idea ever? At the Harry Potter party the boys are going to be Hedwig and Pigwidgeon!
 Travis: So you're making an... Owl costume?
 Me: Just wings, and then I'll paint little orange beaks on their noses. It's going to be so cute!
Travis: I'm so, so sorry boys. There's nothing I can do to stop her.

 Me: Last night I had a dream I went to Gap and everything was on sale. I bought all this awesome stuff for really cheap and then I called to double check and you said I had to return it because we're so poor! But I didn't want to so we got in a huge fight. You wanted to divorce me!
 Travis: I would never! Unless your spending was really excessive.
 Me: but I love the Gap! And it's one if the little things you love about me.
 Travis: Um... Is it?
 Me: I thought you loved everything about me!
Travis: I don't know how to respond to this...

 * I snuck into the bathroom hoping to be unnoticed and thus uninterrupted. I heard this through the door.*
 Grey: Mama? Mama?!
Micah: Oh no! Mama work! 
Grey: Work? Daddy work? MAMA DADDY WORK?! Oh nooooo!
 Me: I'm not at work, I'm in the bathroom!
 Micah: *Sigh.* Mama bathroom. Not work.
 Grey: Bathroom. Good.

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Kristin said...

Oh my word. Loved everything about this post.

Angela said...

The last conversation is my favorite!!!


MARCIE said...

Love those conversations! Poor kids thought you went off and got a job! And Travis is so irresistible.