Wednesday, July 31, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Cousins

Oh, you guys, I love having family here. I love having Travis' sister and her kids visit from Scotland, since the last time we saw them was TWO CHRISTMASES AGO. 
Somehow, Grey and Micah know these people are family. They do not like babies, but they like this chubby little ball of happy. They are excited to play with James and Finn and even though it has been impossible to get pictures of them together, they're interested in each other. Much more so than they are usually interested in new kids. It's because they know they're related. I'm sure of it. 
Travis is gone this week, so we've been spending extra time with the family that's here. Camille and her boys are even spending the night tonight. (Wish us luck! Three two year olds and a baby, and two grown-ladies in a two-bedroom house! It's brave, right?)

Anyway, with no real captions or order, here are some pictures of all the cousin-fun we've been having in the last week:



And we've also gone to the Dinosaur museum and Aquarium, but it's too hard to take pictures in the dark. We've been trying to pack our days full of summery, cousiny goodness.
So far, so good.
Happy Hump Day, peoples.

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Sarah said...

What kind of camera do you use?
You get such wonderful pictures!

The Jacksons said...

Love me some chubby baby! Too bad my babies haven't even hit the 7lb mark at birth. They're both tall and lanky things! What I wouldn't give for some baby rolls like those!!

Becky Pitcher said...

Thanks, Sarah! I have been using various cameras and lenses lately (whatever I can borrow for the day from my husbands office!) but the pictures in this post were taken with a canon 5D and a Canon 7D.