Wednesday, July 10, 2013


My husband is in Mali this week and last.
He works with lots of different projects, organizations, people, and corporations throughout the year, but his work filming in Mali is as Passion Project as it gets. Travis, and his company The Good Line, are there working with presidential candidate Yeah Samake.

Travis, his friends, and colleagues were in Mali last summer, too, preparing for the election. However, about a week after my husband returned to the safety of our home, the country's elections and democracy were derailed by terrorists, and al Qaeda established a stronghold in the north. Now many refugees and even non-refugee Malians are battling extreme poverty and hunger. 

Still, Yeah Samake has been working tirelessly to share his message of education and political integrity to lead Mali to a promising future. Elections are back on for the 28th of this month. 
Yeah's making the final sprint to the finish line now and The Good Line is back out there to help in the push. 

I have met Yeah a few times, and even had him in our home, and can say with confidence that he is a hard working, good-hearted, and politically experienced man of integrity. Having Yeah as the president of Mali will not just change Mali, but doubtless all of Africa, and the world. He is the best of the best. 

Wishing them all the best of luck. If any of you feel inclined to help, even small donations at can make a big difference. 
Yeah is a man of his word and someone I believe can make a significant and meaningful difference for a country in need. It's been a privilege to know and work with him.

Much of the text of this post was actually written by my friend, Cole Nielson, who worked in Mali with Travis last summer. He posted this himself and I was touched by how he worded everything, and wanted to share.  Obviously, he didn't write all of it. For example, his husband is not in Mali - mine is. :)

The pictures shared here are from Travis' instagram or The Good Line's instagram, which you can follow here:

Yeah Samake- A Leader in Mali from The Good Line on Vimeo.

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-Danica- said...

We love Yeah and his family! I hope the elections run smoothly this time, Mali could use a guy like him. Hope your husband makes it back safe!

Elizabeth said...

Becky, this is so awesome.