Friday, July 26, 2013

Mine Dreamer

Lately, Grey has been seeking solitude more frequently.
On walks together, he often wanders away and finds a cozy looking scrap of grass to lie in.
He'll lay, picking apart pieces of grass, rolling over to watch the clouds, gazing into the distance with his chin on his hands.
It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

His brother doesn't understand this behavior, and usually takes the opportunity to snuggle with or body slam into Grey.
Sometimes Micah will just come lie next to Grey and whisper and nudge him, and Grey will quietly get up and move a few feet away to a new patch of secluded grass.

Yesterday, as we played outside, Grey insisted on staying inside by himself. Every fifteen minutes or so, I would sneak into the house to find Grey - in the same position on the couch - just staring into space.
He obviously had some big thoughts to process, plans to make, or dreams to dream.

I wonder what thoughts are tumbling around behind his oft-serious face.
Big dreams.
The best kind of dreams.

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Nana B said...

I love his buzz cut,and I have some photos of your Dad when he was that age and my gosh does that boy look like his Grandpa

Katie said...

This is precious and quite wonderful.