Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Another trip to the Farm

Did I mention that we love the farm? What?
Oh, I've mentioned it about 30 times? Okay. I'll stop.

 I love these first two pictures, since they're both photos of my boys talking and telling me about something  on the farm. Above, Grey was saying something about catching the ducks.
Below, Micah was asking if he could jump off the hay bale to me.

 We spent the morning with Brittany and Milo.

 Those are both pictures of Grey. Micah told me that the tractor was "Too Scary."
So. That's fun.

 Grey found the best place from which to view the bunnies.

Someday I'll email you pictures of your kid, Brittany. (And I'll send you pictures of your kids, Elizabeth and also Camille. I will. I will. I promise.)

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