Thursday, August 15, 2013


This morning, the boys came into my room at 6:40, and I feigned sleep and tried to ignore them as long as possible.
After I finally managed to sit up and grumble at them, Grey approached me with an eyelash curler in one hand and a makeup brush in the other.
"Shut it, Mom," he said. I gave him a squinty suspicious eye, and he ordered again: "Shut it, your eyes, Mom."
Then he gave me a makeover.

They're so funny lately.
Yesterday they spent a half hour cooking food for me in their toy kitchen.
They brought me eggs, cookies,  juice, water, and a million glasses of milk. They kept smacking imaginary cups out of each other's hands and saying, "No drink Grey's milk! Drink MINE milk, Mama."

In the car, Micah started laughing hysterically and yelling, "You funny, Mom! You funny! So funny, Mom!"
When he overheard me telling the story to Travis, he started again.
"Mom funny! Mom so funny!"
"Am I funny?" asked Travis.
"No.  Daddy NO funny. Mama funny!"
I was actually really flattered, but I tried to pretend like the compliments of my two year old weren't a big deal.

On the other hand, I was recently complimented several times by our recent visitors, who each told me that Grey and Micah were the most well-behaved and obedient toddlers they knew.
This was a bold-faced lie, since my kids are often right little monsters, but I really appreciated it.
Really, Grey and Micah were just showing off. When they spilled cheese all over the floor, they were quick to run get the broom and further scatter it... Ahem, I mean "sweep it up."
But that was mainly so that they could be praised on how well they sweep.
I wish they were always so good as when we have visitors.

But they're pretty good and sweet at other times too. Every time they say, "I love you," or "I'm sorry" without being prompted, my heart just about explodes.
Although they love to fight (and have REALLY been trying to beat the crap out of each other the last few days), often I hear little conversations like this one yesterday:
Grey: Shovel, Micah? Thank you, tractor? (He wanted to trade his shovel for Micah's tractor.)
Micah: Otay, Grey.
Grey: Thanks, brother!
Micah: Welcome! Love you!

I've been trying to figure out lots of crafts. Doesn't that sound silly? I'm just trying to figure out what's more urgent.
Should I knit these lumberjack hats for Halloween, or finish this quilt for a friends upcoming nuptials? Can I work on these tiny stockings, even though Christmas isn't for four months or try to figure out something for my parents, whose 25th wedding anniversary is this month?
I find myself battling between what is necessary to do soon and what I want to do instead.
And then some little part of me wants to make baby things. Not because I'm pregnant, but because *SOME DAY* I will be pregnant, and I want to knit a baby blanket for that next baby. So shouldn't I start now? As early as possible?
So I can actually be finished?
I feel like everyone I know is pregnant or has a newborn and I'm getting pretty jealous.

Grey and Micah are really worried about babies.
Well, they're really panicked by 1 year olds, really. Especially when said one year olds grab on to them to steady themselves while taking precarious steps.

I feel like my kids haven't eaten in two weeks.
They're getting teeth. Micah is working on a molar and at least one other, Grey is getting 3 or 4 new little guys on the bottom.
Isn't it funny that their teeth are so behind? I love it, really.
But I don't love teething.
They don't sleep. They don't eat. They want nothing but apple juice, milk, and Robin Hood on repeat.
I force Tylenol on them every time their fevers get high again, which is sometimes every 6 hours, and sometimes every couple days.
But I feel like all we've done for the last few weeks is watch movies and snuggle.
Every time we go out, we return home with at least one child in hysterics.

The boys are really into sword fighting. A friend picked up little wooden swords for the boys at the Highland games, and we spend about an hour a day in duels.
Micah is funny, because somehow he stands with perfect fencing stance and lunges, ducks, runs back and then rolls forward yelling, "Ah-ha!"
And in general, sword fights like a little sword-fighter.

Another funny thing they've started doing is snatching at things (usually birds or animals) that are far away. Then holding their clasped hands up and shouting "I GOT 'EM!"
Then they pretend to eat it.
Theyve gobbled up birds, monkeys at the zoo, and about a billion cars across the street.
I seriously don't know where this came from.

I said to the boys, "Are you the good twin or the evil twin?" Grey quickly said, "Good!"
and Micah cackled and said, "Eeevil twin." In way that sounded pretty darn evil.

Grey says "Thank you, doors," when we walk through automatically opening and closing doors.

I often call the boys, "Pitchers" or "Little Pitchers," especially to get their attention when we're out.
Recently, at the dinosaur museum Micah called after his brother, "Come back, Pitcher Grey Pitcher!"

They've started singing a lot. They don't sing any real songs themselves except "It's raining, it's pouring," and head, shoulders, knees and toes.  But they like to sing with us. We'll sing a line, and they sing it after us.
They're pretty good at it, and I'm in love with them even more every time we sing together.

Grey said his first unassisted prayer the other day. We knelt down before bed, and before one of the grownups could begin, Grey said "Heavenly Father, thank you day. Mumble-mumble milk, mumble bless Nenor, Thank you mumble mumble, garbage truck. Jesus Christ, Amen."

I'm sorry this post is so random.
Just all these little bits of life that never get shared in bigger posts.
Here's another: I learned how to make real, proper caramel sauce and have little stopped finding things to eat it on.
I just spoon it out of the jar and eat it all day every day.

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MARCIE said...

I love all these little conversations! They are so adorable, even tho I doubt I could understand them myself, it's fun that you and they do.

katiefromtheblock said...

You should just knit one pink blanket and one blue blanket to cover all your bases for your next baby! Have you thought of signing them up for fencing when they're older if they like sword fighting?