Monday, August 26, 2013

Photo a Day: Aug 18 - 24

This week has been practically perfect. Okay, I mean, there have been tantrums, and last minute dinners of scrambled eggs and even-more last minute dinners of take out Vietnamese noodles, and kind of a lot of muddy socks scattered across my living room.
But otherwise, pretty dang good. 
The main reason that this week has been wonderful, is that it's been chilly, rainy, fall-type weather every day. That is exactly how often I want chilly, rainy, fall-type weather. 
So. Perfect. 
Another perfect thing that happened this week, is that my children have started requesting that I take their picture. Like that photo of Micah on the rock? He climbed up and said, "Look at me, Mom! Cheeeeese!"
Um. Yes. I will take your picture. Thanks for offering. My children. They sure are beautiful. 

Sun Aug 18: My Grey. Sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and a perfect disposition. What's not to love?

Monday Aug 19: Riding the train. // Tuesday Aug 20: Micah climbed that big rock!

Wednesday Aug 21: Little boys. (P.S. Got those shoes from H&M for $10 this week.)

Thursday Aug 22: Not sleeping.

Friday Aug 23: Big rain, rain fall. // Saturday Aug 24: Sometimes I see pictures of ourselves (like this one) and think "We look like babies! We're just kids, practically teenagers! Who let us get married, and have babies, and start businesses?" But I guess Travis is almost 30. Maybe it's time we acted like grown-ups. :)

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Polly said...

I want a large file of the picture of Micah on the rock and the picture of Grey on the post from 2 posts ago that I can print and hang on my wall so I can see them every time I walk into the room.