Monday, August 5, 2013

Photo a Day: July 28 - Aug 3

I am often very critical of my photo-a-day pictures. 
I like them all individually this week, Micah clinging to his daddy's neck, the boys and their cousin on the airplanes at the park, naked chalk. And yet, as a collection I feel bleh. Too much of the same. They are all pictures of adorable little blond children, every week. 
The truth is, I take lots of pictures of things besides my children, but when push comes to shove and I'm weeding out my favorite pictures from the day- the pictures of my children are the ones I care about most. On days when I post things like pictures of soup, I force myself to leave the camera in the house the rest of the day, because I know I'll take another picture of my kids that I like more! 
It's okay, right? There's nothing wrong with loving pictures of my own kids - especially when, generally speaking, they're beautiful kids and good pictures. 
I guess we're all critical of our own work, right? I'm critical of my writing, cooking, and photography (but not my quilting, since I'm all about wonky.) I think I can do better. 
I don't know what this is really about. Just my weekly random-ramblings. 
Happy Monday, folks. Welcome back to reality. 

Mon July 28: Hugs for daddy. // Tues July 29: Tomato soup? Yes, please!

Tues July 30: Micah and Aunt Camille (or Cece, as they've been calling her.) // Wed July 31: Seriously, twins are the best.

 Wed July 31: Grey, Micah and James on the airplanes at the park. // Thurs Aug 1: Naked Chalk.

Fri Aug 2: Brothers.

Sat Aug 3: Sticky fingers and scavenged blackberries.

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Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

I love the pictures this week. I especially love their naked bums drawing on the sidewalk. and The one where one is pushing the other in the car(sorry im not sure which is which. So cute!

Unknown said...

AHH we need to come and play again! Fun times with cousins! Love the pics

Unknown said...

Love the hug and the blackberries! I doing a portrait a week challenge and its been tough for me to get an interesting variety of photos, especially when the twins were young and couldn't really move! I can only imagine that a daily assigner woul be that much more challenging. What great memories, though!