Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photo a Day - Sept 8 - 14

Isn't it funny how being on a trip makes last week seem mundane and boring?
Actually, last week was pretty mundane and boring. it was rainy most days and even though my sister Mary was in town, we were so sick that we just lay on the couches all day begging my kids to stop needing our attention. Well, here are last week's pictures. They were not taken daily, like I'm pretending. Mon-Thursday I was really too pathetic to do anything like take pictures. 

Sun Sept 8: Micah and Aunt Mary, and Grey and Charne.

Mon Sept 9: Exploring.

Tues Sept 10: Rainy morning.

Wed Sept 11: Drinking some hot cocoa to warm up after a morning rain-walk. // Thurs Sept 12: Micah, trimming up the bushes with the new wooden ax grandpa made for him!

Fri Sept 13: Oh, my Micah.

Sat Sept 14: Grey giving Elanor kisses to wake her up from an enchanted sleep. (When this didn't work, he jumped on her yelling "WAKE UP!" and then rolled her off the bed.)

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