Monday, October 21, 2013

Photo A Day: Oct 13 - 19

I'm back! Did you miss me? We are still in Nevada, but we have been slightly off the grid the last several days.
I say "slightly," because really we still had cable and internet and iPhones to post pictures on Instagram.
But we've been on Vacation within our Vacation.
Exploring the woods.
Balancing on logs.
Sighting bears and freaking out about it. 
Checking out our reflection in lake Tahoe.
Not getting to sleep in, ever, even though we're on vacation, because children rise with the sun.
But here are some pictures from our dreamy vacation. I gotta say, it stinks for me when Travis leaves to travel the world (current location: Stockholm), but at least we get to travel a little too!

Oh, boo! I just uploaded these pictures and they look awful! Maybe I'll try to reload them later.

Sun Oct 13: Micah. Sigh. Didn't his mama teach him not to run with swords?

Mon Oct 14: Then I exploded and died from cuteness.

Tues Oct 15: We found a teepee in the woods! // Wed Oct 16: Just a forest gentleman.

Thurs Oct 17: Grey and Grandma, hiking through the woods.

Fri Oct 18: Lake Tahoe!

Sat Oct 19: My dad, snapping pictures. Seriously, my kids love photography - I wonder  why?

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Bethany G said...

Um, that picture from the 14th? They look like little best friend grown-ups!

MARCIE said...

They are killing me with cuteness also. And I still don't believe that teepee tree is stable. Look at it!

MARCIE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MARCIE said...

Sorry to delete. Comment was duplicated. Augh!